Best League of Legends splash art pieces

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Best League of Legends splash art pieces
Michael Jeong

League of Legends splash art is a major part of the game, advertising skins and champions at their very best.

Some are goofy like the April Fool’s skins in patch 14.7, while others are sultry and provocative. However, some splashes are genuinely impressive works of art.

Best League of Legends splash art

With over 150 champions and each champion having multiple skins, there are hundreds of skins and associated splashes. As a result, it’s near impossible to pick out all of the most fantastic, especially since it does come down to personal preference at the end of the day.

Still, there are some that stand out and deserve praise. So here are five of the most impressive works of art masquerading as skin splash advertising in League of Legends.

The Thousand-Pierced Bear

Initially, the Volibear rework would have changed the character entirely away from a lightning-ice bear. After fan backlash, the developer team went back to the shock-and-freeze roots.

However, they kept their redesign as an alternate skin, and its accompanying splash art is truly impressive.

It displays their Volibear in all his eldritch glory, horrific yet majestic, as the Thousand-Pierced Bear. A demonic monster whose back bristles with all the spears of those who tried and failed to slay him.

The splash art shows off his immense size and terrifying presence. In particular, the shading work on those creepy staring eyes helps give life to its nightmarish design.

Arcana Tahm Kench

league of legends splash art

Tahm Kench has one of the most fun designs in League of Legends. This Demon of Addiction combines a catfish with a southern gentleman, creating a convincing bayou legend.

Arcana Tahm Kench takes that premise and cranks up his demonic presence up to ten. In particular, making him an eyeless monster with instead a deceptive tempting beacon atop his head is an inspired choice.

The infernal black and red contrasted against the divine gold and white makes for a convincing demon of temptation. His tongue emerging as a ghostly tendril that slithers across the bottom is the cherry on top.

Overall, Arcana is one of the strongest skin lines in League of Legends, and Tahm Kench has one of the best Arcana splash art pieces.

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia

league of legends splash art

For an entirely different type of scary, Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia is a fantastic depiction of the temptress yokai.

The Spirit Blossom skin line takes heavy cues from Asian art aesthetics and in particular Japanese folklore and animation. In that tradition, here Cassiopeia is cast as a deceptive fiend, beauty and grace to distract from her monstrous reality.

The artwork does a lot to sell that particular fantasy. Its strong composition draws the eye to Cassiopeia’s imperious beauty. Only when our eyes wander away does it spot the scaly, girthy tail sliding across the bottom of the splash art, as if it’s just wrapped around our leg and we realized too late.

Dragon Tamer Heimerdinger

league of legends splash art

However, not all of the splash arts need to be ominous or eerie. Indeed, one of the best League of Legends artworks is of the exceptionally cute Dragon Tamer Heimerdinger.

This artwork does a great job of storytelling for the audience with a single still image. The freshly-hatched eggshells clue us in to the idea of a nursery. In the center, the eccentric Heimerdinger with his glasses and shock of Einstein hair takes the natural role of grandfather.

Warmly lit by a beam of sunlight, we get to feel the warmth and care with which he tends to the adorably snuggling baby dragon. It’s a splash art that perfectly captures the tenderness of the moment.

High Noon Lucian

league of legends splash art

A lot of skin lines try for edgy and cool, often to a fault. The Nightbringer and Dark Star lines in particular are guilty of this, overloading with vague fantasy imagery that struggles to find a coherent identity beyond a generic theme.

However, that is decidedly not the case for High Noon. This skin line has one of the strongest visual looks in League of Legends.

And the de facto representative of the line is High Noon Lucian. Here, we get to see all the full appeal of the High Noon line. It combines the distinctive look and fashion of the wild west with a strong demonic theme that specifically draws on the Ghost Rider aesthetic of smoky desert chains, hellfire, and brimstone.

Finally, we’d be remiss to not mention Lucian’s holstered white pearl revolver, a hint that he is more than just a servant of demons, and of course the absolutely glorious cowboy hat.

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