Dragon’s Dogma 2 Maisters: Locations, ways to obtain, and reward skills

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Maisters: Locations, ways to obtain, and reward skills of all Maisters

Dragon’s Dogma 2 since its release has been doing quite well for itself. All thanks to its interesting gameplay, mechanics, skills, and vocations. One notable feature in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the presence of Maisters, who are masters of their respective vocations and can impart invaluable knowledge to players through special tomes, enabling them to learn powerful skills associated with each vocation. And here we will guide you through all the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Maisters, their locations, and how to get their respective skills.

All Dragon’s Dogma 2 Maisters

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Maisters are masters in their domains and can impart to you amazing abilities related to their specialized vocations. The map is home to ten different vocation Maisters. To be more precise, all the Maisters may teach you a unique “maister skill,” that players can utilize to deal significant damage or apply special effects.

Here’s a rundown of all the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Maisters:

  1. Fighter Maister Lennart
  2. Archer Maister Taliesen
  3. Thief Maister Srail
  4. Mage Maister Eini
  5. Sorcerer Maister Myrddin
  6. Warrior Maister Beren
  7. Magick Archer Maister Cliodhna
  8. Mystic Spearhand Maister Sigurd
  9. Trickster Maister Luz
  10. Warfarer Maister Lamond
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Let’s get into details of all the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Maisters location and the steps required to obtain their respective tomes:

Fighter Maister Lennart

  • Location: Heart of Melve
  • To obtain tome: Complete specific quests like Scaly Invaders Quest/Disa’s Plot, Monster Culling, or The Caged Magistrate Quest and repel dragon attacks.
  • Reward: Riotous Fury

To put it another way, you will first see Lennart, the Fighter Maister, in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but he will not yet feel comfortable enough to teach you how to use his maister skill. Rather, you will have to play the game until you are sent back to Melve to begin the “Readvent of Calamity” quest. Here, you’ll work with Lennart and Sigurd, the Mystic Spearhand Maister, to prevent another dragon attack on the small village.

You can proceed with “Readvent of Calamity” and help Melve after you’ve driven off the dragon. By lending a hand to the city, you will gain Lennart’s favor and eventually be able to use the ultimate skill – Riotous Fury.

Archer Maister Taliesen

  • Location: Sacred Arbor
  • To obtain tome: Complete Glywindr’s questline.
  • Reward: Heavenly Shot

Taliesen has shut himself in his Sacred Arbor residence. You should follow the main plot to locate him, as it will involve meeting Glywndr and leading you to Sacred Arbor.

Glyndwr’s father, Taliesin, is also the Archer Maister. The “Trial of Archery” quest, which is an expansion of the “Gift of the Bow” quest that you can begin at Vernworth, is where you’ll encounter him. To obtain the Heavenly Shot skills after completing “Trial of Archery,” locate Taliesin and have a conversation with him either back in Sacred Arbor or outside the cave containing the ogre.

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Thief Maister Srail

  • Location: Nameless Village’s Manor
  • To obtain tome: Complete The Nameless Village quest and interact with Srail.
  • Rewards: Blades of the Pyre, Formless Feint

In “The Nameless Village,” Srail will be encountered. Just head toward the little town and talk to the suspicious guy in the large building at the top of the hill once Captain Brant assigns you the mission, which happens quite early in the main plot. Claim to be the Thief Maister, he will grant you the Blades of Pyre skill, which will cause you pain when used. Obviously, this isn’t the true Thief Maister ability.

Blades of Pyre itself is a little deceptive, in typical Thief style. The ladder into the Nameless Village Depths can be located right outside the building where you found the fake maister, which is where you’ll find the genuine one. Srail will be waiting for you at the finish of the obstacle course. Follow up with him after you’ve asked him about your objective to get the Formless Feint skill in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Mage Maister Eini

  • Location: Northern side of Melve
  • To obtain tome: Interact with Trysha (Eini’s granddaughter) and Eini.
  • Reward: Celestial Paean

The once-holy Mage is now a devoted grandma who cherishes her granddaughter beyond all else. After finishing “Spellbound,” you should definitely visit Eini’s House’s back room and talk to Trysha’s grandparents, especially her grandma. Eini will teach you Celestial Paean in appreciation for your help to her family.

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Sorcerer Maister Myrddin

  • Location: Checkpoint Rest Town
  • To obtain tome: Forge specific spells and give them to Myrddin while wearing Noble Cloth Set.
  • Rewards: Meteoron, Maelstrom

Myrddin can be located in Checkpoint Rest Town, where he lives in a noble’s mansion. To receive his instruction, you must cast spells on him. However, if you continue Eini’s tome questline, you can get another sorcerer maister tome from Trysha.

The spells Fulminous Shield, Howling Blizzard, Nation’s Death Knell, Towering Earth, and Let There Be Light must be cast in order to obtain Myrddin’s Tome. Moreover, when wearing the Noble Cloth Set, present your created spells to Myrddin. Give Trisha the original magical tomes and, after she is unable to control her magick, defeat her to obtain her Tome.

Warrior Maister Beren

  • Location: Borderwatch Outpost, Moonglow Garden, Checkpoint Rest Town
  • To obtain tome: Complete specific quests.
  • Reward: Arc of Might

A beastren by the name of Beren is camping in a glade full of dazzling blue flowers at night, north of Melve. If you speak with him, he’ll tell you that he needs a strong recruit and superior weapons. The “Claw Them Into Shape” quest will then begin, asking you to go back to Vernworth and locate Beren’s apprentice.

Proceed with the mission and keep coming back to Beren. You will eventually reach the end of “Claw Them Into Shape” and begin “Beren’s Final Lesson.” Beren will eventually get fired and inform you he’s going home. Continue paying him visits at his camp until he vanishes. Once he’s gone, proceed southward to the Battahl side, passing through Checkpoint Rest Town. After you pass the inn, you will come to Beren’s Childhood Home. It is here that your Warrior companion will at last agree to teach you the Arc of Might.

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Magick Archer Maister Cliodhna

  • Location: Winwalker’s Home
  • To obtain tome: Complete Put a Spring in Thy Step quest.
  • Reward: Martyr’s Bolt

It’s easy to acquire the Magick Archer Maister skill. Until Cliodhna finds you in the hot spring and instructs you in the Magick Archer vocation, complete the “Put a Spring in Thy Step” quest. If you converse with her once more, she will reveal the highly effective Martyr’s Bolt skill.

Mystic Spearhand Maister Sigurd

  • Location: Melve, Dragonsbreath Tower
  • To obtain tome: Interact with Sigurd after entering Dragonsbreath Tower.
  • Reward: Wild Furie

While on the “Readvent of Calamity,” you’ll first see Sigurd and possibly even get the opportunity to start the Mystic Spearhand profession as you defend Melve against a dragon attack. After you defeat that dragon, you can pursue and eliminate it in Battahl’s southwest, at Dragonsbreath Tower. Just before the battle, Sigurd will locate you and want to go with you. To obtain the Wild Furie skill, defeat the dragon and then speak with Sigurd.

Trickster Maister Luz

  • Location: Revenant Shrine
  • To obtain tome: Reach Rank 2 in Trickster Vocation and find the actual body of Luz.
  • Reward: Dragon’s Delusion

Once you have obtained the Trickster vocation from Luz’s smoke variant, proceed to the left side of her temple. A ladder that ascends to the roof is located there. Grab it. Head towards the front once you’re atop the structure. You’ll see the real Luz, who’ll tell you how happy she is that you discovered her. Following her awkward exit from her hiding place, she will teach you the Dragon’s Delusion skill.

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Warfarer Maister Lamond

  • Location: Hot Springs of the Volcanic Island Camp
  • To obtain tome: Complete Scotted Sage Quest.
  • Reward: Rearmament

After Lamond teaches you the Warfarer vocation during “The Sotted Sage,” you can talk to him in the hot spring to obtain the Rearmament skill, which is similar to Magick Archer but significantly more important. But keep in mind that this ability is necessary for the Warfarer vocation to function even somewhat as intended, so make sure you talk to him until he grants you access to it.

And that brings us to the end of our guide Dragon’s Dogma 2 Maisters. We hope players can track down all of the Maisters and acquire their invaluable tomes, unlocking powerful skills to enhance their gameplay experience.

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