MLB The Show 24 egg hunt locations

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MLB The Show 24 egg hunt locations
Diana D'Estefano

All those who are fans of this game will certainly know about the existence of the egg hunt. In MLB The Show 24, the developers have decided, once again, to add this feature that was well loved by longtime players. However, those who are not veterans may have some difficulty.

For this reason, in this article, we will tell you what the MLB The Show 24 egg hunt locations are, so that you can get them all. Obviously, given the nature of the article, there will be exact solutions to these questions, so if you don’t want any kind of spoilers, we advise you not to proceed with reading this article.

MLB The Show 24 egg hunt locations

Before revealing what the MLB The Show 24 egg hunt locations are, it is good to give some general information about this program. For those who don’t know, this program is found in the “Other Programs” section in Diamond Dynasty. If you are able to complete it, you will have the opportunity to add new players to your team.

To do this, however, you must be able to complete 10 challenges, each of which will give you rewards. Let’s see together how to complete these challenges and find the MLB The Show 24 egg hunt locations.

Egg #1

To accomplish this task, navigate to the main menu of MLB The Show 24 and fulfill all the Egg Hunt challenges found within the “Other Moments” section.

Egg #2

This challenge is part of the Showdown mode. Finish the initial two challenges within the Starter Showdown to obtain the egg.

Egg #3

Participate in a Ranked Seasons match and successfully steal a base. Winning the game is not necessary; simply engaging in the match and executing a steal will earn you the reward.

Egg #4

To acquire the egg, engage in a 9-inning Play CPU game against either the Blue Jays, Orioles, or Cardinals. There are no specific difficulty demands, so securing a victory should be straightforward.

Egg #5

Commence a fresh Battle Royale session and select Wade Boggs during the draft. Simply reaching base with him once during a Battle Royale match will earn you the egg.

MLB The Show 24 egg hunt locations

Egg #6

You can obtain jelly beans by opening packs obtained through the Egg Hunt program and conquest. Navigate to Exchanges, then Exchange Items. Choose “Exchange Jelly Bean Vouchers – Egg” and exchange 15 jelly bean vouchers to receive the egg.

Egg #7

Achieve a triple. It sounds straightforward, but hitting a triple can be quite challenging.

Egg #8

Participate in Events matches and successfully hit two doubles. While it’s uncertain whether both doubles need to be attained in a single game, it’s advisable to attempt to do so to secure the egg.

Egg #9

Engage in Mini Seasons matches within Classic Mode, opting for all-star difficulty. Typically, winning road games in Classic Mode rather than home games is more effective in unlocking this achievement.

Egg #10

Seize control of the Orioles stronghold on the Egg Hunt Conquest map. You may need to complete the entire map, but remember, the Orioles stronghold is situated farthest from your starting point.

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