How To Find The Bookseller Stardew Valley

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Hatch Games has added a new Stardew Valley bookseller to the map!

This vendor sells books that grant new skills and bonuses to the player and their farm.

But where is the bookseller, and are these items worth the grind?

Bookseller Stardew Valley Page Turning

The bookseller will come to town twice per season. Luckily for us, this is marked on our calendar with his blimp icon.

The town as well will put up a sign and arrow pointing us in his direction.

To find the bookseller, it is simple. After completing the Joji Mart storyline, head back to where it used to be. Go behind the building past where there used to be a fence, and you will come across a walkway. Follow it up, and you should find the bookseller at this stand.

Now it should be said that you can buy books anywhere in the valley. You can even stumble upon them as loot. But your best bet is to buy it off the seller. But he randomly selects the books he has on offer each time.

Some of the best books in the game are sold here, including the one that increases walk speed. There are some stat buff books as well, giving slight boosts. However, you may become obsessed with books at some point.

But the Boookseller also lets us sell our books as well. Although some are very handy, not all are as useful. But make sure to not sell valuable books and to hold onto ones you may want later.

Bookseller Stardew Valley

Also keep in mind that books can range from 3000 gold to 25k! Some are definitely more late-game than others, so dont freak out if you cannot afford one just yet. In the meantime, get busy chopping, fishing, and reading, as these can all help improve your famers gains and skills very quickly.

Bookseller Stardew Valley

Book Trading

Not only can we get cash for paper, but we can also get valuable items. However, these only come from trading power-granting books. Although we can get items, it is better to use them first and then trade any doubles we get.

Or we could give co-op friends a copy, but thats up to the farmer now. But keep in mind that only one item can be given per book trade. Meaning trades do not stack, so eventually you might as well just sell third copies rather than trade.

The Book of Mysteries gives players the newly added mystery box. This item gives players a randomly generated rare item that can prove to be valuable or useful. The Monster Compendium gives us either a Slime EGG-Press or Slime Incubator. Both of these items are very handy and can generate massive income.

Jewles of the Seas, however, grants players a random jelly ranging from cave, river, and sea. Although it is a bit of a gamble, it is very useful for completing town hall quests. Here on the wiki, there is a full listing of books and trade items, as well as their stat buffs and effects.

Now excuse me, I need to go return some video tapesI mean, books!

Check out SharkyGames for a more detailed view on all books.

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