Palworld Cakes: What is the Recipe and How to Make Cake Easily

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Palworld Cakes: What is the Recipe and How to Make Cake Easily

In Palworld, instead of your creatures evolving, you can make new ones through breeding and fusing. But before you can get these new companions, you have to go through a few steps, including making a Cake. It might sound strange, but making Cakes is part of the process.

You’ll need different ingredients found in the game world to bake the Cakes. Read this guide to learn how to make cake in Palworld.


What Ingredients Are Needed?What is the Recipe to Make Cakes in Palworld?

What Ingredients Are Needed to Make Cakes in Palworld?

The cake is a consumable item that is essential for breeding Pals. It has a nutrition value of 656 and fills the player’s food bar instantly. The cake also provides a sand bonus of 82 and is used during celebrations when an egg is laid.

Now, gather the following ingredients to begin making the cake:

  • 8 red berries
  • 7 milk
  • 8 eggs
  • 2 honey
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What is the Recipe to Make Cakes in Palworld?

To bake a cake, the first step is to create a Cooking Pot. You get the cake recipe automatically once you reach Level 17 and build the Cooking Pot.

You can find the ingredients like red berries easily in the initial Palworld zones or you can cultivate them in Berry Plantations at your base. Make flour in your base by constructing a Mill and processing Wheat, which you can grow by planting Wheat Seeds in dedicated Wheat Plantations and a Mill.

But if you don’t want to farm, you can buy some materials from the Wandering Merchant. Once you have the materials, you can bake a Cake.

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Just remember, like other food in the game, it spoils after a few minutes. To prevent that, store it in a Cooler Box or another cooling unit. If you put it in the Breeding Farm, the timer stops, and it won’t spoil anymore.

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