Dragon’s Dogma 2: A Beggars Tale Guide

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Beggars can’t be choosers.

Key Takeaways

  • Follow the beggar closely to learn his routine & get special rewards.
  • Stay near the beggar to uncover his secrets & track his movements.
  • Choose who to give the beggar’s garb to for different rewards – Hilda, Celina, or Albert.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, the quest “A Beggars Tale” is started in Vernworth near the fountain in the middle of the Merchant Quarter. There’s a beggar that will give you a story for one hundred gold. Give him the gold and return in a day to get some dialogue from a man who wants to know more about the fountain beggar’s ways. Keep an eye on him throughout the day to learn what he’s doing to earn his coin.

Follow the Beggar

You have to keep an eye on the beggar for some time. If you choose to doze off on a bench or go to the inn, you won’t see where he’s going. So, make sure to stand nearby and watch him until he moves on from the fountain. After some time, he will start making his way towards Walter’s Tavern. You can enter the tavern and open the treasure chest for some loot and speak with the patrons before going back to spying on the beggar some more.

Walter's Tavern

The Beggar will now go to a small house located in the city. When you follow him, he’ll run into his house and slam the door. Don’t worry though, this is all part of the plan. Wait a few more minutes, and he will leave his house again in a new outfit. Once he leaves, you will want to go into his house and snag his beggar’s garb and give it to one of three people for a reward.

The Reward

You can choose to give the beggar’s garb to either Hilda, Celina, or back to Albert the beggar. Giving the clothing to Hilda you receive 3 Onyx. If you give it to Celina, you will receive 1 Noonbloom. Lastly, if you give it back to Albert, you will receive 5,000 Gold. The choice is yours and each of these rewards is going to be better for different folks out there.

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