Alpha Protocol Reappears After 5 Years In Delisted Purgatory

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Key Takeaways

  • Alpha Protocol returns on GOG today, thanks to a collaborative effort from GOG, Sega, and Obsidian.
  • New release includes achievements, controller support, improved performance, localization, and cloud save.
  • Despite its troubled development, Alpha Protocol is a cult classic for its unique reactivity, choices, and customization.

Almost five years after it disappeared from store shelves, Alpha Protocol is returning on GOG today. The new Alpha Protocol GOG release is a testament to teamwork between GOG, Sega and Obsidian, to bring the cult classic espionage RPG back to life, better than ever before.

What’s New in the Alpha Protocol GOG release?

While this isn’t a full remaster or remake, like other game preservation efforts by GOG, it does feature slight bells and whistles for the modern day. Michael Thornton’s loadout has been augmented with:

  • Achievement support (something the old Steam version never had)
  • Modern Controller Support (Dualsense, DualShock 4, Switch Pro, Xbox Series and Xbox One controllers)
  • Localization
  • Compatibility with modern operating systems
  • Cloud Save Support

GOG also promises that it’s returning with its licensed soundtrack, which is what caused it to be delisted five years ago. Since then, of course, Obsidian has been bought by Microsoft, and they may have been more willing to invest in licensing the soundtrack, whereas before it would have been entirely reliant on Sega, given how Obsidian generally ran on narrow margins.


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One of the most interesting parts of the announcement is the mention of performance improvements. While this may just be part of updating it for modern systems, the fact that it is separately highlighted says they expect it to be notably better performance-wise.

What is Alpha Protocol, Anyway?

Since its release was back in 2010, and it was delisted in 2019, many may be less familiar with this oddball entry in Obsidian’s lineup. Alpha Protocol is an espionage RPG, which meshes the world of spy fiction with the reactivity and interactivity focus of many Obsidian RPGs.

Michael Thornton has different handlers he can choose between with different help they give, different story beats they trigger, and have different preferences in approach

While far from the most polished game, especially in combat and stealth mechanics, Alpha Protocol’s cult classic status comes from how it handles role-playing, story and characters. It’s one of the most reactive games that has been released in the major market, with how you interact with characters impacting what options are available to you at any given time. Not only is the reactivity there based on what you say, but also in how you approach missions, with some characters preferring to work with someone quiet and stealthy, while others want you to just blow the place up. If you disregard this, they may not be willing to work with you at all.

Alpha Protocol’s development was a troubled one, and it does show in many places, as the game is rough around the edges. Its mixture of reactivity, actual choices and consequences, and customization is virtually unparalleled, even almost fifteen years later. Alpha Protocol lets you choose what sort of spy fantasy you are living out — whether your Michael Thornton is more like James Bond, Jack Bower or Jason Bourne, with different dialogue approaches mapping generally to suave, aggressive or professional, matching those famed fictional spies.

Alpha Protocol is now available on GOG, DRM-Free.

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