Viego Build Guide for Wild Rift

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Viego Build Guide for Wild Rift
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Viego, the Ruined King, has risen from the depths to claim his lost throne in Wild Rift! This Wild Rift Viego build guide will equip you with the knowledge to unleash Viego’s full potential.

This spectral warrior thrives by possessing fallen champions. With his unique ability to utilize his enemies’ power, Viego can become a dominant force on the battlefield.

We’ll delve into the optimal build paths and rune selections. Get ready to dominate the jungle and paint the map with your spectral reign as Viego!

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Viego Build: Abilities

Understanding Viego’s unique kit is crucial to mastering his possession playstyle. Here, we’ll break down each of his abilities, highlighting their strengths and how to use them effectively.

Sovereign’s Domination (Passive): Viego can possess fallen enemy champions he recently damaged, gaining their abilities, attacks, and even items for a short duration. This possession heals Viego and grants him a free cast of his ultimate.

Blade of the Ruined King (First): Viego’s passive on Blade of the Ruined King deals bonus physical damage based on enemy health and grants a double attack with healing after using an ability.

Spectral Maw (Second): Viego charges Spectral Maw for up to 3 seconds, slowing himself but building up a dash and stun that gets stronger the longer he charges.

Harrowed Path (Third): Viego throws out a mist zone that grants him camouflage, bonus movement speed, and attack speed while inside.

Heartbreaker (Ultimate): Viego teleports, dealing bonus physical damage to all enemies, with a larger portion going to the lowest health champion (slowing them heavily) and knocking back others nearby.

Viego Build: Items

Equipping Viego for success requires a strategic approach. This section will navigate you through the optimal build path, highlighting core items, situational pickups, and powerful enchantments.

Starting Item

  • Long Sword: This is the preferred starting item for Viego. It provides a strong early attack damage boost, helping you clear camps efficiently and secure early ganks.

Core Build

  • Trinity Force: This powerhouse item offers a perfect blend of attack damage, attack speed, movement speed, and Sheen proc for enhanced burst damage. Viego’s passive also benefits from the Sheen proc, making it a core component.
  • Blade of the Ruined King: This item synergizes well with Viego’s passive, dealing bonus damage based on enemy champion health. Additionally, the attack speed and lifesteal it provides enhance his sustain.
  • Death’s Dance: This defensive item grants Viego survivability while possessing champions. The passive converts some physical damage taken into bleed damage over time, allowing him to stay in the fight longer.

Situational Items

  • Guardian Angel: Consider this item against teams with high burst damage. It grants Viego a second chance after being taken down, allowing him to potentially turn the tide of battle.
  • Sterak’s Gage: This item is a valuable choice against heavy physical damage compositions. It provides a shield when Viego falls below a certain health threshold, increasing his survivability in the frontlines.
  • Maw of Malmortius: Opt for this item against teams with significant magic damage. It grants magic resist and a shield that blocks magic damage when Viego is low on health.
  • The Collector: This item is a strong option when snowballing or against squishy enemy champions. It grants bonus physical damage when the enemy is low on health, helping Viego secure kills and further his lead.


  • Stasis Enchant: Provides a valuable active that grants invulnerability for a short duration, helping you dodge crucial abilities or reposition yourself in the middle of a fight.

Viego Build: Runes

Viego’s rune selection plays a vital role in shaping his playstyle and maximizing his impact. This section will delve into the optimal rune choices, highlighting the keystones and secondary runes that synergize best with his kit.


  • Conqueror: This keystone is the dominant choice for Viego. It grants him stacking attack damage and healing based on the duration of combat. This synergizes well with Viego’s extended fights during possessions, allowing him to sustain and deal significant damage over time.

Primary Tree:

  • Triumph: This rune restores valuable health and mana after takedowns, granting more sustain for Viego.
  • Coup de Grace: This rune deals bonus physical damage to enemies below a certain health threshold. This helps Viego secure kills, especially when possessing squishy champions.
  • Legend: Alacrity: This rune grants bonus attack speed as the game progresses. This stat significantly increases Viego’s attack speed, enhancing his clear speed, on-hit damage, and overall DPS.

Secondary Tree:

  • Sudden Impact: This rune grants bonus lethality after leaving camouflage or using a dash ability. This synergizes well with Viego’s Spectral Maw dash, allowing him to burst down enemies with increased armor penetration after initiating a fight.

Viego Build: Gameplay Tips

Mastering Viego requires a strategic understanding of the jungle and how to effectively utilize his possession mechanic. This section will equip you with crucial gameplay tips to dominate your matches.

Jungle Phase

  • Jungle Clear: Focus on prioritizing healthy clears while keeping an eye on potential gank opportunities. Utilize your Harrowed Path to optimize clear speed and pathing between camps.
  • Ganking: Look for gank opportunities when enemy laners are overextended or pushed far up. Use Spectral Maw to gap close and secure kills.
  • Objective Control: Viego excels at securing objectives like Rift Herald and Dragon. Utilize your possession mechanic to heal up and continue pressuring objectives after successful ganks.

Teamfighting Phase

  • Target Selection: Prioritize possessing high-priority targets like carries or champions with strong crowd control abilities. Their kits can significantly enhance your own effectiveness in a teamfight.
  • Positioning: During possession, be mindful of your positioning. Don’t overextend and get caught out, as your death resets the possession timer.
  • Teamwork: Viego functions best with a team that can set up ganks and create opportunities for him to snowball.

Extra Tips

  • Master Possession Mechanic: Practice utilizing Viego’s possession mechanic effectively. Understand how to quickly assess the situation and determine which champion to possess to maximize your team’s advantage.
  • Vision Control: Place wards strategically throughout the jungle to track enemy movements and avoid counter-ganks. As the game progresses, secure deep vision to set up flanks or steal objectives.
  • Scaling Potential: Viego is a champion that scales well into the late game. Focus on farming efficiently and securing possessions to become a dominant force on the battlefield.
Viego Build - Arcade Viego

With mastery over Viego’s possession mechanic and a strategic approach to build paths and gameplay, you’ll be ruling the Wild Rift battlefields in no time. Now go forth, Ruined King, and claim your throne!

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