Manor Lords is a success with more than 1 million copies sold

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Manor Lords is a success with more than 1 million copies sold
Diana D'Estefano

Manor Lords has long been one of the most wishlisted games on Steam and this one lived up to expectations. To date, in fact, the game has managed to sell more than a million copies in a couple of days since its launch. We remind you, in fact, that Manor Lords is available on PC from April 26th.

Furthermore, the numbers are destined to rise more and more. In fact, Manor Lords is currently in Early Access, which means that the development team is still hard at work trying to make the game the best it can be. Consequently, with these premises, we can go out of our way and say that Manor Lords can become a cornerstone of the genre.

Manor Lords and its success

Over the years, we have been used to seeing many RTS games with medieval settings become very successful. What you think is a niche is actually not the case. Although lately this genre is no longer as popular as it was years ago, there are still many players who appreciate this type of game. Manor Lords is certainly testimony to this.

The numbers collected so far, with hundreds of active players together, tell a completely different story. It seems that with Manor Lords the genre is destined to experience a second youth. Which both we and the developers hope for, of course. The game managed to find its way into the hearts of players and arouse curiosity even before it actually came out on the market. Something that only a few can do.

Another thing we need to take into consideration is the issue of Early Access. Since the game is not yet complete, we expect that when it is, there will be even more players ready to become kings and conquer lands. In fact, this is one of the main purposes of the game.

manor lords

If you are a lover of this type of game, therefore, you absolutely cannot miss this game. Furthermore, if you are a PC Game Pass subscriber, you will have access to the game at no additional cost. So, why not try it and see with your own eyes why it is having international success?

Finally, it must also be considered that the game is currently only available on PC, but it is very likely that when it also arrives on consoles its numbers will be destined to grow again. Obviously, we will have to see if the development team will be able to optimize it for consoles as well. RTS games are not easy to manage for a console port, but we are confident in the work of the development team.

For the moment, we can only congratulate everyone who worked on Manor Lords, as it is a real success. This also highlights the fact that even those who don’t have the capabilities of a large development studio can be able to create a successful game. And there is nothing else to do but be happy with the results obtained.

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