Next-Gen Xbox Console Might Launch in 2026 Claims New Reports

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Microsoft is gearing up for an exciting leap in gaming hardware. According to recent reports, the tech giant is planning to release its next-generation Xbox console in 2026.

Next-Gen Xbox Console Might Launch in 2026 Claims New Reports

A new rumor suggests that the next-gen Xbox might come out in 2026, earlier than expected. It could even have the latest Call of Duty game as a launch title. This info comes from a trusted source in the Call of Duty community, TheGhostofHope.

Honestly, we’ve heard before about the chance of the console launching late in 2026. A YouTuber named RedGamingTech mentioned this rumor back in December 2023. They said Microsoft might choose an AMD Ryzen Zen 5 CPU because the Zen 6 wouldn’t be ready in time.

The report also said Microsoft might not have two versions as they do now with the Series S and X, but just one version instead for the next-gen Xbox console.

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Microsoft has repeatedly stated that a new generation Xbox console is in the works. In a recent episode of the Official Xbox Podcast, Xbox President Sarah Bond revealed exciting news for gaming enthusiasts: Microsoft has a multi-year roadmap that includes a next-gen Xbox console. Despite the company’s plans to expand to other platforms, Xbox hardware will remain the flagship experience for players.

Bond excitedly teased that Xbox has “some exciting stuff coming out in hardware” this holiday season. But the real bombshell was her mention of a roadmap focused on next-generation hardware. According to Bond, this upcoming Xbox console will deliver “the largest technical leap you will have ever seen in a hardware generation.” This leap promises to enhance the gaming experience for both players and creators.

Moreover, in April, an email from inside the company said they were pushing ahead quickly with the next Xbox gaming system.

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Regarding when the new gaming consoles would be released, during the investigation into Microsoft’s purchase of Activision, it was found that both Microsoft and Sony weren’t planning to release their next-gen consoles until 2028. This information came from a document dated 2022.

However, in its latest financial report, Microsoft revealed that Xbox hardware sales had dropped by 31% compared to the previous year. Hence, to improve sales, Microsoft appears to be ignoring the mid-generation refresh and focusing entirely on a powerful next-generation console that will be released sometime in 2026.

Well, Xbox fans can look forward to a groundbreaking next-gen console arriving in 2026, promising an unprecedented leap in gaming technology.

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