All Hellblade 2 achievements and trophies

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All Hellblade 2 achievements and trophies
Diana D'Estefano

The wait is about to end. From May 21st, all owners of PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 can play Hellblade 2. As with any game, one of the most frequently asked questions concerns the achievements and trophies that can be obtained in the game.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you what all the Hellblade 2 achievements and trophies are that you can obtain during your adventure. Are you ready to relive Senua’s fears and hardships?

Hellblade 2 achievements

Achievement and trophy hunters who have had the opportunity to play the first chapter will know that it was not an arduous challenge to be able to obtain all the cups in the game. But will it be the same for the second chapter of the saga?

Yes. Getting all Hellblade 2 achievements and trophies will not be a difficult thing at all and it won’t even take much time. It is, therefore, an experience along the lines of the first chapter. So, even novice hunters will be able to complete this challenge.

All achievements and trophies are linked to the completion of the story, except one: that of finding all the collectibles, which are represented by the lorestones (as in the first chapter). But let’s see in detail which virtual cups are present in Hellblade 2.

  • A Guiding Light – Guide your followers through the forest to reach Borgavirki.
  • End the Tyranny – Expose the Godi’s lies and end the tyranny.
  • Glimpses of the Gods – Reveal secret paths behind hidden faces.
  • Returned to the Earth – Speak Ingunn’s name, and release Illtauga from her rage.
  • Seeing Things Differently – Launch any chapter with an alternate narrator.
  • Tales of Midgard – Collect all the Lorestangir.
  • The Hidden World – Find the entrance to the realm of the Hiddenfolk.
  • The Man in the Middle – Rescue the stranger from the draugar ritual.
  • The Next Sign – Survive the shipwreck and capture the Bjarg slavemaster.
  • The Storm Calmed – Speak Seageirr’s name, and end Sjávarrisi’s isolation.
  • Worth a Thousand Words – Open photo mode.
  • Done – Obtain all trophies (PlayStation 5 only).
hellblade 2 achievements

As with the first chapter, in case you run out of collectibles during your adventure, don’t worry; you will have the opportunity to select the chapters that interest you and to collect the ones you missed.

This is a feature that is always very welcome to hunters, as it allows you to calmly enjoy the story while at the same time having the possibility of being able to select the right point in the game where there is something to collect.

Ultimately, Hellblade 2 will not be a very difficult challenge in terms of collecting virtual cups, but it will certainly be so in terms of the psychological aspect. The first chapter was already marked by a heavy story, so we expect this second chapter to certainly be no less.

Are you excited to take on the role of Senua for the second time? What do you expect from this sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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