Solo Leveling Arise stats explained

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Solo Leveling Arise stats explained
Diana D'Estefano

The world of mobile gaming is becoming more and more impressive. Indeed, according to recent studies, it is precisely the one that is growing the most and offers the greatest earnings. For this reason, more and more development studios are specializing in this sector. Such as the creators of Solo Leveling Arise.

This new mobile game (which will also be available on PC) is causing a lot of talk, both in a positive and negative sense. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to give you more information on one of the details of the game, namely the Solo Leveling Arise stats.

What is Solo Leveling Arise?

Solo Leveling Arise is an RPG that appears to borrow some gameplay mechanics from the Devil May Cry series. As often happens with this type of game, however, it was conceived with a gacha style, which has made all those who do not support this model turn up their noses.

This does not take away, however, the fact that the game is making waves and therefore it is appropriate to dissect some of its characteristics. As in games of this kind, therefore, the stats that distinguish the character we will play certainly could not be missing. But let’s see together in detail what they are and what they mean.

Solo Leveling Arise stats

In Solo Leveling Arise, there are five different stats that players can choose to increase throughout their adventure. Some will be more suitable than others to upgrade, especially at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know them all.

  • Vitality: Increases HP and defense
  • Strength: Increases basic attack damage
  • Intelligence: Increases MP and cooldown reduction
  • Agility: Increases critical hit rate and damage
  • Perception: Increases minimum damage dealt to enemies
solo leveling arise stats

Solo Leveling Arise best stats

Now that you know what the Solo Leveling Arise stats are and what each of them means, it’s time to focus on the ones that can be considered the best. As often happens in these cases, there are no absolute truths, but we can make a general statement that can work for most people.

Let’s start by saying that, although it may seem like a paradox, we advise you not to focus on Vitality. Although you will have a higher life bar if you improve this stat, it is not a real advantage. Given the type of game, you will have to focus on other parameters.

Intelligence and Strength are also parameters that you can leave alone, at least at the beginning. It’s true that having reduced cooldown times and increased damage on basic attacks may seem useful, but Perception and Agility are better parameters.

In fact, they not only allow you to increase the chance of obtaining critical attacks and increased damage, but they also allow you to inflict a greater number of minimum damage on enemies. So, as you can see, boosting these stats is definitely the right thing to do.

Obviously, as you continue in Solo Leveling Arise, you will have to upgrade the others as well. What we are telling you in this case is what you will have to do at the beginning of your adventure. Once you are familiar with it, you can proceed as you see fit. Furthermore, the presence of these statistics gives you the possibility of building different builds.

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