Escape from Tarkov Unheard Edition: What’s All the Fuss About?

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Escape from Tarkov Unheard Edition: What’s All the Fuss About?
Diana D'Estefano

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most loved games among those who love tactical FPS. However, in recent days, a lot of fuss has been created around this game. To be precise, after the release of the Escape from Tarkov Unheard Edition. But for what reason?

In this article, therefore, we will try to tell you everything we know on the issue, also giving you our point of view. Obviously, we don’t want to take a position, but it’s just to update our readers on what’s happening.

Escape from Tarkov players are not happy

As promised by the developers themselves, a few days ago the Escape from Tarkov Unheard Edition officially arrived on the market, a new and more complete version of the very famous game. However, the arrival on the market of this new version of the game did not happen without some complaints.

The players, in fact, felt cheated and are outraged by what happened in this case. In fact, to have access to this version, players would have to pay a sum of 250 dollars. A certainly exorbitant figure that cannot be justified in any way, even if the developers have added the highly requested PvE mode and other features.

But the thing that infuriated players the most is not the exorbitant price, but the fact that, to have access to these new features, even those who had previously purchased the pass will have to pay. the developers, however, had confirmed that players in possession of the previous pass would not have to pay to obtain these modes and this is not the case.

Escape from Tarkov

It is normal, therefore, that players have incited against developers who have failed to fulfill a promise made to their consumers. We don’t want to get too much into this matter, but we’re pretty sure there could be some legal repercussions for what happened.

In fact, if players have previously purchased a season pass in which it was written that they would also have access to these newly released features, it is the development team that finds itself in the wrong and has failed to fulfill its part of the contract. The sale and purchase of video games is still a contract that is stipulated between two parties. Therefore, if one of the two is missing, it is legally punishable.

At the moment, unfortunately, we do not know how the situation will evolve. Since the community is not happy with this move, the development team may also decide to backtrack. Obviously, however, there is nothing official and it is only conjecture. For this reason, we invite you to continue following us, so that you can always stay up to date.

And what do you think? Are you also among the players who have fallen victim to this “controversy”? Let us know in the comments! What do you think the development team should do and how will this issue end? For us, it is difficult to decipher what will happen in the future, at least for the moment.

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