How to use Clove Abilities like a Pro

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How to use Clove Abilities like a Pro
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Valorant’s latest addition, Agent Clove, is a game-changer. With a unique blend of control and aggression, Clove defies death itself. Clove Abilities are different from everything we have seen in the past, and in this article, we will give you some tips on how to use them as a Pro.

Whether you’re an experienced player or a newcomer, mastering Clove’s abilities can turn the tide of battle. In this guide, we’ll break down each of Clove’s abilities, their cooldowns, and how to maximize their impact.

Clove Abilities Explained

  • Pick-Me-Up (C): Immortality in a Kill

Clove’s first ability, Pick-Me-Up, is a game-changer. After eliminating an opponent, Clove instantly absorbs their life essence. This grants temporary health and an overheal effect.

If you’re low on health, a well-timed kill rejuvenates you, allowing for aggressive pushes and clutch plays. Keep an eye on the purple hue around your screen—it signals the ability’s active state. Remember, haste accompanies this newfound vitality, so move fastly!

  • Meddle (Q): Decay from Beyond

Clove’s second ability, Meddle, involves immortality essence fragments. Toss one into an area, and it detonates, releasing butterflies.

Enemies caught in the area of the explosion, suffer a decay effect that makes them vulnerable. Unlike other agents’ decays, Meddle is aggressive and lasts approximately 5 seconds. Use it strategically to weaken the enemies and disrupt their plans.

  • Ruse (E): Posthumous Smokes

Ruse is where Clove truly shines and their main ability. Equip this ability to gain a tactical view of the battlefield. Set locations for clouds (smoke) to settle, then confirm with right click.

The twist? As you may know by now, even after death, Clove can cast Ruse. Yes, you read that right! Post-death smokes allow you to manipulate the battlefield from beyond the grave. Be strategic—where you die matters. Clove’s smoke range is restricted to the area where you died, so adapt your tactics accordingly.

  • Ultimate: Not Dead Yet (X): Rise Again

Clove’s ultimate ability, Not Dead Yet, is a self-revive feature. When you die, activate it to resurrect. But there’s a catch: you must earn a kill or damaging assist within a short timeframe to stay alive.

Use this ability strategically—cover key areas after resurrection or recover from overheating. Sometimes, even if you can’t secure a kill, putting is the right move for your team’s overall success.

Clove Abilities

Clove Abilities Tips

  • Pick-Me-Up (C)
    • It is very important to know when it is a good moment to use this ability. Taking advantage of the overheal and the +15% speed boost is key in moments when you know another gunfight is taking place soon.
    • You have to know that you have a window of time from when you get the kill until the chance to use Pick-Me-Up disappears, just like happens with Reyna’s abilities. Don’t rush it, maybe you will need it later.
  • Meddle (Q)
    • This ability is not very useful when used by itself. The way you will get the most out of Meddle is by microing it with another damage ability like Raze/Kayo grenade.
    • Use it in chokepoints where you know it will affect more than one enemy, and if you’re alone, make sure to spam some shots to try luck on grabbing a free kill.
    • Try to stay with the team at the moment of executing into a bombsite, so you are able to keep helping your teammates even after being eliminated. Lurking is something you shouldn’t be doing while playing Clove.
  • Ruse (E)
    • Clove’s main ability is to place smoke to block the visibility of the enemies. The best tip you can get is to think as if you are on the opposite side.
    • If you’re attacking, think of the positions where it is useful to block visibility for defenders and vice versa.
  • Ultimate: Not Dead Yet (X)
    • For Clove’s ultimate you have to identify the opportunity to use it, considering you need to either eliminate someone or damage assist stay alive.
    • You have to be close to the action so you can get a kill or assist in order to revive entirely. Avoid using the ulti in situations of getting killed alone, in 1vX situations.
Clove Abilities


Mastering Clove abilities requires calculated risks and bold plays. Whether you’re defying death, creating post-death smokes, or absorbing life essence, Clove’s kit offers endless possibilities.

So, next time you’re in combat, channel your inner troublemaker and make the enemies guess what comes next.

If you enjoyed this guide, check out our other Valorant articles here for more tips, tricks, and agent insights. Happy fragging and enjoy playing Clove like a Pro would do.

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