Review: Little Kitty, Big City

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Developer – Double Dagger Studio

Publisher – Double Dagger Studio

Platforms –  Nintendo Switch , Xbox One , Xbox Series S|X, PC (Reviewed)

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Without a doubt, I am convinced that I have discovered my favorite wholesome indie game of the year so far. Little Kitty, Big City has captured my heart in a way that few games manage to do, standing out in an ever-growing sea of indie titles. This charming and delightful game is a hidden gem that truly deserves recognition and praise on par with many of the larger, more well-known titles in the gaming industry.

To go into more detail about the debut game of indie studio Double Dagger Studio, (which for a debut is quite the showing !), let’s talk more about the setting and gameplay of the game.

In the game, You play as a short-haired black curious little kitty with a big personality, on an adventure to find your way back home after falling out the window of your apartment building in downtown Japan and into the trash below( don’t worry kitty cant get hurt in this game).

Taking on the role of our lost little kitty, you parade and parkour around a delightfully colorful and stress-free atmosphere (so long as you don’t step into a puddle , because kitty hates water) . Many others have agreed with me online already, that the game feels similar to games such as Untitled Goose Game , with that animal adventure foolishness aspect. The one thing the game does incredibly well is making you feel like a actual kitty , and encouraging you to hop on counters, stalk and pounce on unsuspecting birds, and knock things off counters ( you know typical kitty mischief)

As you navigate the city streets, alleyways, and rooftops, you’ll encounter a variety of intriguing characters, including other stray animals who are as charming as they are diverse. These newfound friends will provide you with quests and challenges, each one a stepping stone on your path home. Your interactions with them will not only help you uncover clues about your own journey but also allow you to assist them with their own unique predicaments, forging strong bonds along the way.

Adding to the whimsical charm of your adventure, you’ll have the chance to don an array of delightful hats, each adding a touch of personality and flair to your already charismatic kitty, and adding a collectible and challenging aspect to the game as of course you gotta collect all the hats like Pokemon.

While the game offers an abundance of activities and a variety of collectible hats to dress up your kitty, it does have some drawbacks. One of the main issues is the presence of numerous glitches, such as instances where the kitty gets stuck in vents, walls, boxes, and other objects. Additionally, certain items, like tennis balls which are essential for quests, can become irretrievable if they get lodged in inaccessible areas.

Despite these challenges, the developers deserve significant praise for their proactive approach to these issues. They maintain open communication with the game’s community on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, providing swift assistance to players. They offer solutions such as using console commands or developer mode to address glitches while they work on hotfixes and patches. It’s clear that the developers are deeply committed to their game, demonstrating exceptional support and dedication to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.

Little Kitty, Big City is simple unlike other recent cat games to come out such as Stray, but sometimes simplicity makes for the best there is, especially when it’s as cute as can be . From its captivating art style to its endearing storyline, Little Kitty, Big City has all the elements that make for an unforgettable gaming experience. The game’s ability to blend humor, adventure, and heartwarming moments into a seamless and engaging package is a testament to the developers’ creativity and dedication. It is a perfect example of how indie games can offer rich, immersive experiences that rival those of major studio releases.

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