Valve’s New Game Deadlock Gameplay Details Have Been Leaked

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Valve’s New Game Deadlock Gameplay Details Have Been Leaked

Valve seems to be working on a new multiplayer game called Deadlock, which looks like a hero shooter. This info comes from leaks by playtesters on social media today. The details were confirmed by Valve dataminer @GabeFollower and one of the characters, Grey Talon, was also spotted in some leaked screenshots.

New Valve Deadlock Game Screenshots Leaks

The post had four pictures supposedly from a video game. It showed characters fighting in a city that reminded people of Half-Life 2’s City 17. One character looked like the Sniper from Team Fortress 2. Another picture showed a hero called Grey Talon, along with their weapon and special abilities, with a brief description.

Another leaked screenshot shows a tutorial menu called “Get Started.” It explains stuff like how to play, special moves, and what you need to do in a match. In one part, it talks about “Lanes” and shows a picture of the game map with four lanes. Each lane has a transit line that players can use to get to the middle of the map. This means players will likely have intense battles as they move along each lane, kind of like in some Counter-Strike 2 maps.

Since testers started sharing Deadlock screenshots all over the place, here's ones I can verify, featuring one of the heroes called Grey Talon.

— ‎Gabe Follower (@gabefollower) May 17, 2024

The new pictures reveal that Valve wants to join the hero shooter game scene with a special game that could be as popular as Overwatch 2 and Valorant. Deadlock will also go up against NetEase Games’ Marvel Rivals, which is another game where you control heroes from a third-person view. Having more games like this could make the developers think of new stuff and try to make their games better.

Other than the pictures, the deadlock gameplay details have also been revealed.

Valve Deadlock Gameplay Leaks

Deadlock is a shooting game where you play as different heroes and battle against each other. You see the action from behind your character, and it’s 6 players versus 6 players on big maps with 4 paths to move on.

You get to use special powers and items during the game, and it’s a bit like those tower defense games. The setting is like a mix of fantasy and steampunk, with all sorts of creatures, magicians, and robots to play as or fight against. And just like in Bioshock Infinite, you can zoom around on floating rails to get around quickly.

GabeFollower spilled some details on their X page, describing Deadlock as having fast-paced, exciting gameplay similar to Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite, and Orcs Must Die. The characters you play are kinda like the ones from DOTA. The world reminds you of Half-Life with its fantasy and steampunk style.

Even though Valve is mostly known for Steam and the Steam Deck, they’re still making games. But since Deadlock doesn’t seem to be VR, it hints there might be more secret Valve games on the way.

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