PS5 Spectral Super Resolution And What It Does

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Sonys PS5 spectral super resolution is coming to the PS5 Pro!

This new system is gunning for 4K 120FPS and even 8K 60FPS!

But is this just misinformation, or is Sony really able to pull this off?

PS5 Spectral Super Resolution Coming To The PS5 Pro

So many were caught red-handed a while ago with some leaks pertaining to the PS5 Pro.

The first big news was that they were making a PS5 Pro. Not that big, given their history, but it was definitely before they wanted everyone to know.

But the biggest takeaway was their goal of achieving the PS5 spectral super resolution. Codenamed Trinity, the PS5 Pro aims to incorporate higher resolutions. These being both 4k and 8k resolotuions.

As of now, the PSSR is operating on the SKD 9.00 system to create 4K images.

To put this into perspective, the performance mode on the current PS5 is 1080p at 60 fps. While fidelity mode is 1800p at only 30FPS, But the new one will be 1440p at 60FPS! We have yet to see the figures for the proposed 8K model, but that was in the document.

Now, just to make things clear, this is what Sony and the team are aiming to achieve. We are not saying they have, nor have they themselves even confirmed it. What is most likely is that they are testing out the kinks for 8K and finding that it is a lot harder than anticipated.

You know most gaming PCs these days struggle with 4K, let alone 8K. I am not saying it cannot be done, but I think we are a few years off of casual 8K home console gameplay. Or maybe we can get it at a simple 10FPS!

But either way, seeing that 4K is aiming for a smooth 60FPS is still great. We should be able to hit that benchmark pretty smoothly. On the three games available for the PS5!

Nice Picture But Where Are The Games?

It starts with one thing, and I dont know why. I bought a PS5 with no games to buy!

Sure, 4K and 8K sound fantastic, but whats the point if there are no games to play on the system? As it stands right now when writing this, there are only 12 PS5 games!

Now take away the remakes like Demon Souls and games that will be released on PC a year later, like FF and Stellar Blade, and we are left with 7 games.

Now take away the games no one cares about, like Destruction All Stars, and games that are not yet out; we are left with two games.

Spider-Man and the Astros Playground. I dont know about you, but I am not buying a system for half a grand when it has nearly no exclusive games!

Upon launch, the PS2 had 10 fantatic games like MGS2, Silent Hill 2, and GTA 3. The PS5 had a remake of a PS3 game that made it worse.

Maybe Sony should stop spending a billion dollars on one Spider-Man game and instead diversify! But nayh, make another Wolverine Super Hero Slop game at the end of super hero fatigue and see how that goes. I cant wait to craft and walk about a boring open world in 8K 10FPS!

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