What to expect from LoL patch 14.6?

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LoL patch 14.6 will bring a slew of changes and skins, including a huge set of nerfs to the dominating Smolder.

Since his introduction, the little dragon has been a menace in both solo queue and pro play. His stacking mechanic often made him a ticking time bomb. This meant hed eventually reach a point of unbeatable power.

Patch 14.6 will clip this dragons wings to bring him down. In addition to other champion buffs and nerfs, there are several item changes, another bunch of High Noon skins, and improvements to the training bots in Co-op vs AI modes.

LoL Patch 14.6 champion changes

In LoL patch 14.6, the following champions received buffs.

  • ChoGath: His W has a lower cooldown early and the base damage of his E is higher
  • Diana: Her jungling is getting some love. Her base attack speed ratio and growth is up, and her passive grants more attack speed and for longer
  • Ornn: His E cooldown is lower
  • Shen: The cooldown reduction of his Passive scales linearly with all levels, instead of at certain levels
  • Sion: His Q does more damage and his W shield scales more with max HP
  • Tryndamere: His attack speed growth is higher

Of course, as some go up, some come down. The following LoL champs got nerfs in the new 14.6 patch.

  • Briar: Her W grants less attack speed and healing, and her R has lower damage. Her Q can now target friendly or enemy wards
  • Gragas: His base HP is lower and his Q no longer goes down in mana cost with levels
  • Karma: Her mana growth and regeneration is down, and her Passive R cooldown reduction is lower. Additionally, her R cooldown is longer, her R-Q damage is lower, and her R-E shields less.
  • Senna: Her Passive mist wraith spawn rate from Sennas minion kills is significantly down
  • Smolder: His Qs execute threshold is a flat 6.5% of the targets max HP with no scaling. It also only executes if Smolders damage brings it below the threshold, not a teammates. Further, his W missile size is smaller and his E grants less movement speed.
  • Volibear: His Q bonus movement speed is slower, and his R cooldown is longer.

Finally, the following adjusted champs shifted around their strengths and weaknesses:

  • Galio: Galios damage to champions in general is down, in exchange for lower cooldowns and more magic resistance on his W. This is to shift him away from AP burst builds.
  • Kayn: His Q prevents active item use during its animation, but his Darkin-Q does more damage. His base-R and shadow-R also does less damage.
lol patch 14.6

Item and system changes

Of course, patch 14.6 doesnt only affect the LoL champs. Items got buffs, but mostly nerfs. For buffs:

  • Infinity Edge raises the extra Critical Strike Damage from 40% to 50%
  • Navori Quickblades has higher AD and swaps the Pickaxe for a BF Sword with a corresponding cheaper recipe
  • Lord Dominiks Regard and Mortal Reminder increases the Armor Penetration from 30% to 35%

Meanwhile, over in the item nerfs:

  • Across the board, most Epic items have been nerfed to be 100% gold efficient, so that they no longer outperform more expensive one-item components like BF Sword or Needlessly Large Rod.
  • Solstice Sleigh gives less bonus movement speed and has a shorter duration
  • The World Atlas and Runic Compass support items grant less gold on minion executes and enemy champion/structure damage, in exchange for requiring less gold to complete their quest
  • The three Doran items, the three jungler pets, and the Support items are now mutually exclusive

In addition, the Intro, Beginner and Intermediate Bots are very different in LoL patch 14.6. They now have better teamwork. Most significantly, one bot will be designated a jungler, and will take Smite to clear camps and gank lanes.

The champ selection for bots is also significantly expanded. Over 50 champions debut or return to the bot selection, including Akali, Yone, Smolder, Hwei, Varus, and Xayah.

Finally, a new batch of skins come out with patch 14.6. They are:

  • High Noon Evelynn / Prestige High Noon Evelynn
  • High Noon Gragas
  • High Noon Rell
  • High Noon Yone / Peacemaker High Noon Yone
  • Crystalis Indomitus KhaZix

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