Redfall Co-Dev. Developing New AAA UE5 Character Action Game

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The description continues, stating, “This is an opportunity to combine masterful artistry and storytelling with ground-breaking technology on a world class project built in Unreal Engine 5.” This indicates that the company is actively involved in a significant unannounced AAA console video game project, showcasing a strong emphasis on storytelling within Unreal Engine 5.

Job listing for the Senior Environment Artist position at Studio Gobo’s Brighton headquarters in the United Kingdom. | Source: Studio Gobo

The company’s website features yet another job opening for the Lead Designer role at its Brighton headquarters in the United Kingdom. The job description emphasises, “The Lead Designer will make a significant contribution to the creation of an unannounced AAA console game.”

A prerequisite for the job role states, “Recent experience in character action genre on console or PC platforms.” This suggests that the unannounced project belongs to the character action genre, commonly known as action-adventure or hack-and-slash video games, and centres around dynamic and fast-paced combat featuring a player-controlled character.

Furthermore, the requirement also includes PC platforms, indicating that the video game is likely to be a multiplatform release encompassing current-generation consoles and contemporary PC platforms.

Requirements for the Lead Designer position at Studio Gobo’s Brighton headquarters in the United Kingdom. | Source: Studio Gobo

Unfortunately, this constitutes the entirety of the information available on Studio Gobo’s unannounced project at present. Although the release timeline for this “world class” video game from the co-developers of Redfall remains uncertain, it undeniably appears to be an eagerly anticipated and thrilling undertaking. However, it’s essential to understand that the information comes solely from the job listings, and we’re still waiting for Studio Gobo to confirm it officially.

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