Venture New Overwatch 2 Hero Announced

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Blizzard announced Venture the new Overwatch 2 hero recently.

Also, the hero will be free for all players playing the game.

But what has Blizzard done this time to warrant a free hero?

Venture New Overwatch 2 Hero Announced To Mixed Reception

So everyone is getting a free champ in the coming weeks, which is nice.

But from the news, we can only guess what Blizzard has done this time behind the scenes. The notorious company, which has been the culprit of sexual assault allegations and workplace harassment, has a less than stellar track record.

And last time they gave out freebies, they were trying to hide a whoopsy. The whoopsy being a breast milk theif running amok in their office.

First look at the new DPS Hero: Venture in #Overwatch2

This swashbuckling archaeologist will be drilling into the game soon and free for all players immediately in Season 10!

Venture is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Overwatch Cavalry (@OWCavalry) March 19, 2024

Also, for those interested, this character is non-binary. For the people still playing Overwatch 2, that should be pretty exciting.

But for many gamers regarding the actual hero, it seems a large number are dissatisfied. This is evident when you compare the Champs concept art with the final model.

The concept art looks great, but the final product might need some time in the oven. Some gamers are even saying the character looks like a mole compared to the artwork.

Also for Overwatch 2 fans, the season 10 release was delayed by 1 week. Tragic news for those eager to play more of the latest update.

Come cry to Team Fortress 2 fans sometime and see how that goes down. I dont want to knock the creative team, but this also comes after the Cowboy Bebop fiasco. We can definitely see some inspiration from Eds Design here.

But for me, its a bit lacking compared to Ed as a whole. But maybe upon release Venture will get some upgrades or some tweals, who knows?

All I know is that someone is up to no good at the Blizzard offices once again.

Venture New Overwatch 2 Canadian

Venture is an upcoming damage hero. They will be released in Season 10 and will be the 40th hero added to the game.

Based on gameplay footage, Venture has the following abilities:

  • Primary Fire: Shoots out an AoE projectile that travels a set distance and explodes on contact.
  • Burrow: Burrows underground. While burrowed, Venture cannot be damaged and can move in any direction. They can emerge from the ground in a vertical burst of movement either at will or when the ability duration runs out. While emerge is fully charged, theres a brief AoE damaging effect before Venture boosts out of the ground.
  • Dash: A forward dash that damages enemies in its path. Upon activation, it grants 50 shield HP that decays over a few seconds.

Venture was revealed back at Blizzcon, but at the time, we only had concept art to go off of. Also, for those interested, she is a Canadian representative. As a miner, we think she should have been Welsh, but thats hindsight being 20/20.

The hero uses an array of mining equipment but has no affiliation with the dwarves of the dwarving community. Sorry, only 4-foot chads get to enter the dwarf mines!

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