Holo X Break release date

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The Holo X Break release date is upon us. A new fan game is now available for fans new and old of vtuber group Hololive.

Headed by Kay Yu of HoloCure fame, Holo X Break is another fan game starring the virtual YouTuber talent from Hololive.

However, Holo X Break is different from HoloCure in one major way. It is officially published by Hololive parent company Cover through their Holo Indie branch.

However, any gamers unfamiliar with the Hololive brand shouldn’t be deterred.

One similarity it shares with HoloCure is that, as a standalone game, Holo X Break is still an excellent free side-scroller beat ’em up.

Holo X Break release date

As of March 29, Holo X Break is now available through Steam for PC. It supports keyboard, Xbox controller, and PlayStation controller. It also features local co-op multiplayer, with fully functional online coming in a later update.

If you’re a Hololive fan, HoloCure player, or just in the mood for a co-op beat ’em up, then you should check it out.

Like the old-fashioned brawlers like Streets of Rage or Double Dragon, Holo X Break has a simple excuse plot. The titular supervillain group Holo X has kidnapped Cover Corp CEO Motoaki “Yagoo” Tanigo.

The quartet group NePoLaBo must then embark on a mission to rescue him. This will take them across many themed stages, each culminating in a boss battle against a member of Holo X.

Holo X Break is most similar to games like River City Girls or Little Fighters 2. Players can control one of four characters: Omaru Polka, Shishiro Botan, Yukihama Lamy, or Momosuzu Nene.

Each character has a unique moveset with a particular specialization. Furthermore, there are additional unlockable playable characters.

As they fight their way to the right of the screen, players can pick up consumable items or permanent equipment. Items unlock various buffs or playstyles, such as damaging projectiles or healing. Meanwhile, equipment grants specific bonuses or stats to vary up playstyles.

HoloCure fans may notice some familiar weapons and items.

Finally, players can also encounter friendlies. Rescuing these will grant NPC followers who will help in the brawl through the stage.

holo x break release date

Who is the development team?

Kay Yu is the most public-facing figure of the Holo X Break development team. Most will know him for his work as the lead developer on HoloCure. However, he also works as a professional animator, and was the lead animation designer for River City Girls.

Additionally, this game brings in many well-regarded game developers in the fan community. For example, developers from the Idol Showdown fighting game also contribute.

On top of developers, many artists contributed designs for the unlockable emotes. These fun images add a progression system for any completionist players who want a long-term goal.

Lastly, Holo X Break has a special bonus for fans due to its release under the Holo Indie publisher. The game features voice-over work from the talent themselves, lending their voices to their in-game characters.

Compared to the silent HoloCure or stream-ripped lines for Idol Showdown, Holo X Break gets to benefit from professionally-recorded lines.

All of this comes together for a charming fun package that players can enjoy for free.

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