Touch Detective Launches Sleuthing Mysteries on Nintendo Switch

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Touch Detective has made a triumphant return after years of being a Japan-only title.

Key Takeaways

  • Touch Detective series makes leap to modern systems, including full localization of third game.
  • Unique mechanics involve touch screen interaction, clever dialogue keeps experience engaging.
  • Hidden gem from DS era, now available on Nintendo Switch for new and returning players to enjoy.

The DS and 3DS era of video games is long behind us, and as a consequence, we still have a slew of titles that have yet to make the transfer to modern systems. One such series to be fortunate enough to make the leap is none other than Touch Detective, which is these days more known for its multitude of spin-offs featuring the lovable mascot Funghi.

Last year, Japan got a release of the three DS and 3DS titles and fans were desperately hoping it might have a chance at localization. That time is now and fans can finally get their hands on the three main Touch Detective titles, which includes a full localization for the third game, which was never released outside of Japan.

The story follows a young girl by the name of Mackenzie who lives in a quaint little town full of budding mysteries surrounding the villagers, herself and even those closest to her. She desperately wants to be a detective and decides her best bet is to begin by trying to uncover some of the odd things that keep popping up in order to prove herself and make a profession out of her skill.


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Touch Detective was quite the hidden Gem on DS back in 2006

One of the unique draws of Touch Detective comes from the name itself, which involves Mackenzie’s favorite activity of touching things and making note of how they feel. On the DS, this involved the touch screen, which was translated into this remaster through an on-screen hand to allow the same quirky mechanics players knew or will come to experience. The top screen also originally featured Mackenzie’s inner dialogue, which now pops up on the screen in a visual-novel esque way to get her insight into various thoughts she has throughout her journey to uncover crimes committed or just thoughts on whatever ridiculous situation she has found herself in.

The clever dialogue in Touch Detective has made the experience remain strong after all these years, and it will be exciting for new and returning players to get the chance at experiencing it all for the very first time. While it was a much overlooked title in the era of the DS, it’s a welcome rescue to have made a comeback in the mystery detective drama video games we’ve come to know and love over the years.

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files is available now on Nintendo Switch both physically and digitally. Check out the official page right here to learn more.

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