VCS 2024 Spring postponed due to match fix allegations

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VCS 2024 Spring split has been postponed until further notice. The match-fixing allegations have pushed the officials to take such actions.

VCS is the official League of Legends tournament based in Vietnam. The official organizers of the tournament are Riot Games, Ionia, VNG Games, and 500Bros Media.

It is one of the biggest esports tournaments in the region, and it has a huge fanbase in Vietnam.

Lately, a huge scandal has taken the internet by storm, and league officials have decided to postpone the tournament until further notice.

According to the official announcement, Riot Games and regional organizers are investigating a possible match fixing scandal in the region.

Credit: Riot Games

VCS 2024 Spring postponed as announced by officials

As of today, Monday, March 2018, 2024, the VCS 2024 Spring split competition has been postponed so that the officials can further investigate the situation.

We unfortunately dont have any other details regarding who, when, and how the match-fixing scandal happened or took place.

Here is the official announcement made directly by the VCS account on X:

Last weekend, us, the organizers of the 2024 VCS Spring had ordered to postpone some matches to conduct an investigation of the teams participating in the VCS. After some developments in the current situation. We announce that all matches will be postponed from Monday, Mach 18, 2024.


VCS then gave further information about their decision. Here is what the committee has decided:

  • All remaining matches/results of Week 8 are canceled.
  • Week 7 standings as the definitive team ranking.
  • The Finals/Playoffs will also be postponed.

The officials have not disclosed any exact dates, and we are not sure when the competition will continue. For now, it looks like the match-fixing allegations have to be concluded first.

VCS Spring 2024 to be postpone indefinitely due to a possible breach of competitive integrity.

All remaining matches/results of Week 8 are canceled.
Week 7 standings as the definitive team ranking.
The Finals/Playoffs will also be postponed.#VCS #VCSEnglish

VCS English (@vcs_english) March 18, 2024

Match fixing is the true enemy of sports spirit and culture

Match-fixing really messes up the world of sports. It makes games feel fake because the results are already decided, not by the players skills or hard work but by someones dishonest plans.

This causes fans to lose interest and trust, as they no longer see the point in cheering for their team if the game is rigged.

However, please note that nothing is official yet, and the officials are still looking into the matter.

We are still not sure if a player, coach, team, or organization fixed any of the games so far, and it is best to wait for the official decision.

Until then, there is not much to do but to watch other leagues, such as LCS and LEC.

Right now, you can tune into the LCS 2024 Spring Playoffs and catch the action at the highest level of competition.

NRG Esports and Dignitas are already out, and there are only four teams left: FlyQuest, Cloud9, 100 Thieves, and Team Liquid.

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