DON’T NOD unveils new structure to focus on 3 key genres

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Posted on March 29, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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DON’T NOD, the developer and publisher of immersive video games announced its new organizational structure to reinforce its core expertise among 3 key genres. The developer has been putting out games like Life is Strange, Captain Spirit, Tell Me Why, and many others over the last ten or more years and now decided to focus on the following genres they are strongest at:


Narrative Adventure

Action Adventure

“Sustainability, innovation and creativity are the pillars of DON’T NOD’s strategy,” says Oskar Guilbert, CEO at DON’T NOD Entertainment. “Our commitment to fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay has led us to structure our organization, paving the way to deepening our specialized expertise in each genre. With a focus on strategic business growth, DON’T NOD seeks to solidify its position as a market leader by capitalizing on the popularity of RPGs, Narrative Adventures, and Action Adventures.”

Going forward DON’T NOD has seven projects in the works, five of which are being developed in-house, including Lost Records: Bloom & Rage developed by DON’T NOD Montréal. The four other projects being worked on in-house are currently unannounced. Koira is one of the games being developed externally by Belgian studio, Studio Tolima and another unannounced project with Tiny Bull Studios.

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