Sony is reportedly investigating PS5 Pro specs leak, might reduce its third-party developer pool

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Sony is reportedly investigating the developer portal document leaks revealing PS5 Pro specs and may even cut down on the number of third-party developers.

Sony is reportedly investigating the PS5 Pro specs leak and might reduce its third-party developer pool

With the leaked PS5 Pro specs revealing a significant ray-tracing boost with AI hardware upscaling, PlayStation has had a difficult week. A lot of information about the console that they would have liked to keep secret has been made public by the leaks, including information regarding the CPU and GPU features and PS5 Pro release window. Now, industry veteran, Tom Henderson suggests that Sony isn’t happy about the situation and is in damage control mode in response to these leaks.

Taking to X, Henderson recently shared that Sony’s PlayStation division is conducting an internal investigation into the leaked documents related to the Trinity project, which occurred during a third-party rollout.

He said, “As expected, Sony has launched an internal investigation into the leaked documents on Trinity as it leaked during a third-party rollout.” He further added, “Not sure on the implications yet as I don’t think they can catch one individual, but Sony could reduce its third-party developer pool for new tech as a result.”

This suggests that the leaks originated from a third-party PlayStation 5 developer or developers, prompting Sony to impose stronger controls on hardware information moving forward. Moreover, Sony may modify any existing agreements if they can determine the source of the leaks.

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It’s important to note that this information comes from Henderson and that Sony has not publicly addressed the leaked specifications of the purported PS5 Pro model. In fact, Sony hasn’t even acknowledged that the model exists. Nevertheless, the leaked specifications provide insights into potential enhancements, including a larger GPU with faster memory, improved ray tracing capabilities, and a custom machine learning architecture supporting features like PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) upscaling.

For your convenience, the full list of leaked PS5 Pro specifications is provided below:

  • 45% better rasterized rendering speed thanks to a larger GPU and faster RAM;
  • Highly improved ray tracing architecture with peaks expected to give a 2-3x speedup over the standard PS5;
  • A unique machine learning architecture with support for eight-bit 300 TOPS (Trillions of Operations Per Second);
  • A comparison of the images with TAAU and AMD FSR 2 is also included in the reports, which claims to demonstrate that PSSR provides better image quality.
  • To facilitate the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) upscaling approach, the ML architecture was developed. Based on the PlayStation Machine Learning (PSML) algorithm, the leaked document defines it as Sony’s version of Multi Frame Super Resolution.
    • Leaked informationindicates that PSSR can currently handle 4K, but 8K support is planned. PSSR is a machine learning-enhanced variant of Temporal Anti-aliasing Upscaling (TAAU), fully supporting High Dynamic Range (HDR) pipelines with similar input requirements as NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR.
    • Like with the most recent version of DLSS, no per-game training is necessary with PSSR.
    • The report continues, stating that PSSR only needs 250MB of the PS5 Pro’s RAM and that, although optimization is still working, the current rendering cost to upscale from Full HD to 4K is 2 milliseconds.
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Well, many gamers anticipate great things from the PS5 Pro based on the leaks.However, speculations are indicating that there won’t be much of a CPU improvement, so gamers should lower their expectations.

These leaked PS5 Pro specifications, however, seem to be legitimate if Sony is looking into the topic. But it remains to be seen how Sony will address this matter.

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