Princess Peach: Showtime has sold over 1 million copies

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Nintendo has been releasing new games this year, but for many, it may not stand out amongst past releases from the company. One of the new titles this year was Princess Peach: Showtime, an action-adventure game featuring the iconic Princess Peach as she saves the Sparkle Theater. The new Nintendo game has already sold over 1 million copies.

Nintendo shared new sales numbers for its software and hardware in its latest financial results. Results show Princess Peach: Showtime sold 1.2 million units as of March 31, 2024, just over a week from the release on Nintendo Switch.

It’s not necessarily the best-selling game we’ve seen for the Switch as it debuts at 64 on the best-selling list for Nintendo. Princess Peach: Showtime sold 100K more units than Mario Vs. Donkey Kong which was released a month prior.

All 67 known 1st party million sellers on Nintendo Switch (Nintendo published only)
• Princess Peach: Showtime! debut at #64
• Mario Vs. Donkey Kong debut at #66

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Princess Peach: Showtime is a quick experience that is aimed towards newcomers. It comes with great visuals and a sweet story. In our review, we scored the game a 7/10.

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