Star Wars Total War Game Is Reportedly Being Developed By Creative Assembly

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In a surprising turn of events, it has been reported that Creative Assembly, the renowned game developer, is working on a new project: a Star Wars Total War game.

Star Wars Total War Game Is Reportedly Being Developed By Creative Assembly

According to a report from DualShockers, Creative Assembly is currently developing a new Total War game based on the Star Wars universe. This news has sparked excitement among fans of both the Total War series and the Star Wars franchise.

The report suggests that there are three different Total War games currently in development, with the Star Wars version being the second of the three to be released. However, the timeline for the game’s release remains unclear.

Rumors about a ‘futuristic’ Total War game started circulating in late 2022, and several second-hand sources have since confirmed that the game is indeed set in the Star Wars universe. This lends a lot of credence to the rumor and suggests that it is likely real.

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Creative Assembly is also reportedly working on a massive update for Total War: Pharoh, alongside other projects that have not yet been officially announced. This follows the cancellation of Hyenas and other unannounced projects.

In late 2023, SEGA announced that some of Creative Assembly’s projects were canceled and staff reductions were made to reduce various costs. Despite these setbacks, the development of the Star Wars Total War game seems to be progressing.

The Star Wars Total War game is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the franchise, combining the strategic gameplay of Total War with the rich lore and iconic characters of Star Wars. Fans are eagerly awaiting further news about this promising project.

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