How to Complete the “Dreaming of Blue Skies” Mission

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Early on in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you’ll find yourself lost in the Greenlands, free to explore the vast open-world. Within the quaint landscape is The Crow’s Nest, which is unlocked after “When Words Won’t Do”. There’ll be a lot of missions and activities to do in and around it (including “The Hardest Sell”), but one is a bit more heart-warming: “Dreaming of Blue Skies”.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Complete “The Hardest Sell” Mission

Kyrie’s at it again with her merc business, now with accompanying music!

To get to the mission, you need to find the staircase near the bar with the piano. Go up those stairs to reach Condor Hill, where a wheelchair-bound man named Colin and others will be. Speak to him and he’ll tell you about this grand Condor that used to come out a lot. However, it hasn’t appeared in a while and the man wonders if an offering must be made to bring it back. So, he asks us to scour the Hunting Grounds to find some suitable food to bring.

Tracking the Prey

Like many side missions, you’ll need to track something. Luckily, your recently acquired Chocobo, Belle, should do the trick. Have them sniff out a trail to the prey, which will end up being a peaceful cow. It’ll give chase since, of course, it doesn’t want to be dinner. The cow can go fast but Chocobos can go faster. However, the brash bovine puts you in a small combat encounter.

There’ll be three Ignilsisks waiting to get the jump on you. They don’t pose too much of a threat, as a few strong hits will take them out. Ignilsisks are weak to Blizzard, so use that on them to pressure and stagger them. Once you wipe the floor with them, resume your cow tracking.

After you finally get to the cow, you can finally relax. Just kidding. Our bovine gets scooped up by a dragon-like creature and taken away. Luckily, our Chocobo’s still got the cow’s scent. Follow the trail up some walls and into a dark cave. You’ll find the cow, a bit worse for wear. Plus, you’ll come face to face with the creature: a Mythic Dragon.

Enemy: Mythic Dragon

The Mythic Dragon is pretty rare, which can only mean one thing: it’s pretty powerful. It’s a dragon, so it’ll use it’s flying ability to be airborne, rendering some ground-based attacks useless. Therefore, magic and long-range attacks are the way to go. The Mythic Dragon is weak to Aero, so use that and Wind Current to hit them where it hurts. Once it’s staggered, do what you do best and attack them with all your might. For this enemy, I’d go with Tifa and Barret (or Yuffie if you have her), as Barret/Yuffie can hit from afar and Tifa can bring the pain once they’re close to the ground.

Choosing the Condor’s Dinner

When you finish off the Mythic Dragon, you’ll be given the choice to choose the bait in which to lure out the Condor with: Monster Flesh, Peculiar Greens, or Bovine Meat. Depending on which dinner you decide to give the Condor, the ending will differ. For the best possible one, pick the Bovine Meat. Once you pick out the bait, head back to Condor Hill and talk to Colin.


You’ll place the bountiful meat out for the Condor and await its arrival with Tifa. You’ll have a nice chat with her about the sky, as Tifa’s only known that of a steel plate above her. The talk is lovingly interrupted by the great Condor itself, swooping in to eat some free dinner. You, Tifa, Colin, and his assistant will jump in for a photograph with the big bird.


Remember when I said the ending would differ depending on your choice of bait? Well, the outcome of the picture is based on that. If you chose the Peculiar Greens, you’ll get a blurry photo. Meanwhile, giving the Condor the Monster Flesh will result in a nice photo. The Bovine Meat will grant the player a well-composed picture. Whatever the case, Colin will remark how happy he is, and you’ll be rewarded the picture, 10 Party EXP, 500 EXP, Warding Materia, and a deepened bond with Tifa.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The unknown journey continues in the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy. Follow Cloud and party as they journey across the world to put a stop to Sephiroth’s villainous plans.

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