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According to the latest news, Sony decided to pause production of PSVR2 as it failed to meet the expectations.

Sony is easily one of the best console manufacturers in the gaming world, but it does not mean that whatever they do sells millions all around the world.

The PlayStation series is one of the most popular consoles of all time, but it looks like Sonys VR game is not that pretentious.

According to the news from Bloomberg, Sony paused its PSVR2 manufacturing due to insufficient interest from consumers.

Credit: Sony

PSVR2 production paused by Sony

Bloomberg recently shared that Sony is not making any more PSVR2 headsets after already making over two million of them. The company wants to sell the ones that havent been sold yet.

The PSVR2 was released for $549, which is even more expensive than the PlayStation 5 itself.

It works with some big-name games, but it looks like not enough games are available for it. Because of this, sales have been dropping, and many headsets are left unsold.

Sonys situation is tough because other companies, such as Meta and Apple, also struggle to get enough games for their VR headsets.

Sony recently had to lay off some of its workers, including those who were making games for the PSVR2. This affected about 900 employees or 8 percent of Sonys workforce.

Credit: Sony

There are not enough games

The main problem with the PSVR2 is that there arent enough games specifically for it. Although it supports some really good games and a few smaller ones, its not enough to meet everyones expectations, especially with its high price.

This lack of games has led to fewer people buying the headset.

To deal with these issues, Sony has had to cut jobs, including at studios that were making games for the PSVR2. This is a big deal and shows how serious the situation is.

But its not all bad news. Sony is trying something new by testing if the PSVR2 can work with PC games.

This could make the headset more appealing because it would have more games to play. Sony hopes this move will help in the long run, even though its unclear how well it will work.

What is next for Sony?

The decision to stop making more PSVR2 headsets for now is a big moment for Sony as it tries to figure out the best path forward for VR gaming.

The company is still looking for ways to make the PSVR2 successful, including working with PC games. Everyone who loves gaming is watching to see what Sony will do next, hoping the PSVR2 can live up to its potential.

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