Warzone Mobile cross-progression makes it a must-try

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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile features cross-progression with the main Warzone game, meaning it’s a mobile game that even dedicated mainline game fans should try out.

The new Warzone Mobile is not the first Call of Duty foray into the smartphone space. After all, there’s Call of Duty: Mobile which continues to be incredibly popular. Though this previous mobile game is developed by TiMi Studios, and while it delivers a satisfying experience, it’s still very much a mobile title.

As for Warzone Mobile, this game is developed directly by Activision Mobile, meaning it should deliver an experience that’s closer to the original Warzone game. Because of this, players can expect massive battles as the game will support up to 120 players in a lobby.

Perhaps the killer feature of Warzone Mobile though is cross-progression. While it’s not a 1:1 cross-progression, it’s system is deeply intertwined with the original Warzone for PC and consoles.

To be specific, this game features many of the weapons and operators found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone. This means long-time fans shoud feel right at home in this game.

What’s more exciting is the shared progression between Warzone Mobile, Modern Warfare III, and Warzone. With this, players who play on mobile can level up their weapons and advance their Battle Pass across all three games. Thanks to this, players on PC and consoles won’t need to worry about having another Battle Pass to keep in mind when playing as progress is shared.

That also means, when you unlock a new weapon in MW3 or Warzone on console and PC, you’ll also get them on Warzone Mobile. The same is also in reverse.

As a bonus, friends list and chat channels are also shared between the mobile version and MW3/Warzone on PC and consoles. Thanks to this, it’ll be easy to connect with friends for a round on whichever platform you prefer.

Because of these cross-progression features, Warzone Mobile should feel like playing an extension of the original Warzone instead of a watered-down version that’s entirely separate. This is an issue that many mobile game adaptations face, leading to some players of the original being rather unenthused about trying the mobile version.

With Warzone Mobile though, even players on PC and console should give it a try as the cross-progression system should also give them a similar level of satisfaction and progress while playing. The fact that weapons and Operators are shared should also make them feel right at home.

Of course, cross-progression isn’t the only way that Warzone Mobile is bringing the Warzone experience to smartphones. This game also features the return of the fan-favorite Verdansk map, as well as Rebirth Island which promises to be a great setting for the Battle Royale experience.

Yes, while Battle Royale is the focus here, Warzone Mobile isn’t sticking to just that game mode. That’s because the game also features classic modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed and Search & Destroy to keep the experience fresh.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is officially out now globally on Android and iOS. For more info on the game, visit the official website.

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