Tango Gameworks was ready to pitch Hi-Fi Rush 2 before getting shutdown

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Microsoft shut down multiple studios that were part of their Bethesda acquisition a few years ago. Tango Gameworks were among the closures and they were most recently known for their work on Hi-Fi Rush. Before its closure, Tango had planned to pitch a sequel to Microsoft. That is according to Jason Schreier from Bloomberg.

On Wednesday, Xbox president Matt Booty held a town hall with ZeniMax staff and said positive things about Hi-Fi Rush, but Schreier reports he didn’t explain why they closed the studio. One of the reasons for these closures is that Xbox’s studios were spread too thin.

It wasn’t just Tango Gameworks that were getting ready to pitch a new game. Arkane Austin, one of the other studios shut down was pitching a single-player immersive sim game and a new entry in the Dishonored series.

Could A Hi-Fi Rush 2 Ever Happen?

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-based action game that was critically acclaimed to the point it probably deserves a sequel. Since the developer of the game has been shut down, it seems unlikely a Hi-Fi Rush 2 would happen. Microsoft owns a lot of game studios now that could take on the project, but they also own a lot of IP and have to decide what’s priority.

Hi-Fi Rush does not seem like a priority to Xbox.

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