The Fallout Vault 33 Glasses are perfect for fans of the series

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GUNNAR Optiks has officially released a new pair of glasses just in time for the premiere of the Fallout TV Series on April 11, 2024. The Fallout Vault 33 Glasses are the latest to come from the leader in computer eyewear and blue light lens technology and they are the perfect pair for the right Fallout fan.

The Fallout Vault 33 Glasses features a retro-futuristic square-style stainless steel and nylon frame material, flexible spring hinges, and GUNNAR patented lens technology. As soon as I put on these glasses, they felt immediately comfortable without any adjustments needed.

A neat part about these is you can get a pair that will match your prescription or you could also turn them into sunglasses. The color of these glasses is olive with a touch of gunmetal.

What’s included with the Fallout Vault 33 Glasses?

Obviously, this eyewear is very unique and of course, it will come with a few collectible Fallout-themed items. You’ll get a Fallout Vault-Tec Industries Glasses Case, a Microfiber Pouch featuring the Fallout Vault Boy, and a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

These Fallout glasses cost $99.00 USD and function like GUNNAR eyewear. They are not ideal for everyday wear, but perfect for cosplayers and stylish outfits. That’s how I personally feel about this and if you want these old-school inspired glasses go get them now on the GUNNAR Optiks Store.

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