Solo Leveling Arise codes: Redeem for freebies (May 2024)

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Solo Leveling Arise codes: Redeem for freebies (May 2024)
Onur Demirkol

Solo Leveling Arise codes will hook you up with freebies in the game, and this page will be updated monthly with the latest ones!

Solo Leveling Arise made its debut and people form all over the world went crazy for this title as it was highly awaited by many.

The developers decided to include some freebies that players on each platform can benefit from through codes.

We gathered all the active and expired codes that you can find in Solo Leveling Arise. You will have to redeem these codes in the game to claim your freebie.

Don’t worry, we have also explained below how to redeem these freebies on PC and mobile!

Credit: Solo Leveling Arise

Active Solo Leveling Arise codes

These are the Solo Leveling Arise codes that you can actively redeem in the game and get your freebies:

  • WORLD1STLEVELUP: x300 Essence Stones
  • THXSLVARISETHX: x200k Gold

Expired Solo Leveling Arise codes

Below you will find the codes that you will not be able to use as they are already expired:

  • THXSLVARISE: x100 Artifact Enhancement Chips, x50 Artifact Enhancement Chip II
  • Hunterpass1st: x2 Draw Tickets

How to redeem codes in Solo Leveling Arise

Using these codes is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the game and find the blue box at the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap this blue box to see more options.
  3. Look for and tap the gear icon at the bottom right to go to the settings page.
  4. In the settings, go to account settings.
  5. Find and click the “redeem” button. You’ll go to a new website.
  6. Type the code on this website to use it.
  7. Once you’ve used the code, pick up your rewards from the game’s mail system.
solo leveling arise codes
Credit: Solo Leveling Arise

What is the Solo Leveling Arise game about?

Solo Leveling Arise is a game based on a popular webtoon. You play as Jinwoo, starting as the weakest hunter and trying to become the strongest. The game lets you experience the webtoon story and adds new adventures made just for the game.

In the game, how you fight changes depending on your equipment and skills. You need to dodge attacks and use your skills at the right time to win fights. You can also create teams from your favorite characters from the webtoon, each with their own special abilities.

Besides fighting, you can become the Monarch of Shadows and create an army by turning the shadows of monsters you defeat into your allies. The game offers different play methods, like fighting through dungeons, battling bosses, and racing against time in special challenges.

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