Pokemon GO Rogue of the Jungle event: Everything you should know

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Pokemon GO is certainly not a new game to organizing events. On a regular basis, Niantic decides to organize an event dedicated to something. This time its the Pokemon GO Rogue of the Jungle event. This event will not only allow you to complete a myriad of different challenges and obtain the related rewards, but will also give you the chance to capture a rare Pokemon.

In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you should know about this event so that you are prepared. If you too are lovers of this game, you certainly cant miss this event! Therefore, dont delay any longer and get ready to track down this new Pokemon!

Rogue of the Jungle event explained

Zarude is about to make his Pokemon GO debut thanks to the Rogue of the Jungle event. As happens during the various new seasons of the game, also in this case, there is a new Pokemon that players can have fun hunting.

In order to obtain this creature, you must have the Rogue of the Jungle ticket which also allows you to complete new challenges. At the end of them, seamstresses are able to get a meeting with Zerude; therefore, you must be ready when the moment presents itself, so that you can catch this Pokemon.

To take part in these challenges, you will need to purchase a ticket priced at $7.99. The event will be available from March 21st at 10 am until March 25th at 8 pm (local time in both cases). Consequently, you will only have this amount of time available to complete the challenges and have the chance to capture this new Pokemon to add to your Pokedeck.

Lets see, together, what are the various steps you need to follow in order to get your hands on this new Pokemon and all the rewards you can get in the process.


  • Complete 5 Field Research tasks Silver Pinap Berry x2
  • Catch 25 Grass-type Pokemon Seedot Encounter
  • Evolve 3 Grass-type Pokmon Poke Ball x20
  • Rewards: 1000 Stardust, Razz Berry x10, Fast TM x2


  • Explore 5km Golden Razz Berry x2
  • Catch 25 Dark-type Pokemon Zigzagoon Encounter
  • Evolve 3 Dark-type Pokemon Great Ball x10
  • Rewards: 1000 XP, Hyper Potion x5, Charged TM x2
Pokemon GO Rogue of the Jungle


  • Spin 25 PokeStops or Gyms Silver Pinap Berry x2
  • Power up 5 Grass-type Pokemon Cacnea Encounter
  • Make an Excellent Throw Ultra Ball x10
  • Rewards: 1000 Stardust, Revive x5, Incense x1


  • Use 5 super effective Charged Attacks Golden Razz Berry x2
  • Power up 5 Dark-type Pokemon Scraggy encounter
  • Use 10 berries to help catch Pokemon Rare Candy x5
  • Rewards: XP x1000, Premium Raid Pass x2, Stardust x1000


  • Win 3 raids Silver Pinap Berry x2
  • Catch 15 different species of Pokemon Absol encounter
  • Defeat 5 Team GO Rocket Grunts Zarude Candy x10
  • Rewards: Stardust x1000, Zarude Encounter, Zarude XL Candy x3

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