Tekken 8 Tekken Shop March Update And Drops

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Bandai has revealed a Tekken Shop March Update, adding new clothes to the store!

Oh, and there are avatar costumes as well, I guess, if you are interested.

But for those excited to see some Tekken costume throwbacks, lets take a closer look

Tekken Shop March Update and Additions

On their official Twitter account, Bandai announced a server maintenance update for March 14th.

Along with general upgrades, they also added some new legacy costumes to the Tekken Shop.

You know the in-game shop where you pay real money for costumes. Like every other game nowadays, we did this to ourselves!

The update to the shop adds more costumes for the likes of Law, Hawoarang, Nina, and King. But sorry for everyone elses sake; I suppose you will just have to wait.

And for people with more disposable income, there are also avatar skins to make your little MII look like Xiaoyu, Paul, Hwoarang, and Devil Jin.

If that takes your fancy, then by all means you do.

Although it is great to see Hwoarangs Tekken 6 attire make a comeback, But the best has to go to King getting his masters Tekken 1 outfit back in style. Rocking the suspenders and shit and tie.

Also included is Marshall Laws Tekken 6, heavily inspired by Kill Bills full yellow jumpsuit.

Nina gets her full leather outfit from Tekken 7 back, and honestly, it looks great on her. Also included with her is her old hairstyle, which honestly is a lot better than her current one. I dont knock her current attire completely, but it does give off a more oh, Im going to the shops today vibe than femme fatal.

Are these additions enough for you to fork over your hard-earned dollars? Or perhaps even buying all of them. Will you feel fulfilled finally sporting old costumes clinging to the past as time moves forward beyond you? I know I will because I just found this credit card at Wendies!

Is the Tekken Shop worth the money?

Lets cut to the core of this issue. Cosmetics do not hurt the gameplay or get in the way of matches. Unless it is someone abusing the accessory system and making so you cant see Alisas moves, it is not going to make you suddenly Tekken God wearing an old costume.

But is it worth spending 5 bucks for in-game attire? Thats really up to you. I asked for a couple dollars for Jins outfit, but thats all I am going to do.

I have my main outfit and really dont want or need anything else. Especially one uses items for the battle lounge of avatar skins.

I get the costumes right; you want your main to look like he or she did in her best outfit, which you like so much. But who on earth actually buys the avatar skins?

Tekken Shop March Update

You know the fireworks in the shop are limited use, meaning you can only use them a couple times before they are gone! Congratulations! You just spent money on a limited item and got to show off to strangers in the battle lounge. Trust me, everyone thinks youre cool!

I get that this shop helps Bandai make a bit of money on the side, and running game companies these days is expensive. But thats what DLC fighters are made for, right?

Again, its completely optional. Or is it?

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