TFT Patch Notes 14.6: Inkborn Fables is Here

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Teamfight Tactics’ newest set, Inkborn Fables, takes us on a fantastical adventure with a fresh roster of champions and traits! This TFT Patch Notes 14.6 promises a whole new way to play TFT with a unique mechanic that will influence your path to victory called Encounter. 

Get ready to encounter mythical creatures, collect new cosmetics, and experience a completely revamped gameplay system. Here we will talk a little about the main news of the patch. You can check out the full list of changes in the official patch notes.

System Changes in TFT Patch Notes 14.6


This patch introduces a brand new mechanic called “Encounters.” These encounters are basically run-ins with powerful spirits that can dramatically impact your game. You can also check out our All TFT Set 11 Encounters Explained article to get used to all those encounters.

There are over 80 unique Encounters you can face, ranging from small in-game bonuses like gold or item components to complete game-changers that alter the rules entirely.

Encounters come in different rarities, with the most powerful ones being the rarest. And to keep track of all the weird and wonderful things that happened during your matches, there’s a brand new Encounter Panel that shows you a summary of each encounter and the choices other players made when scouting them.


It’s easier to reach level 9 in the new patch. This is being done to encourage players to level up more often. The change should make it easier for players to reach the higher levels.

The specific change that is being made is to the amount of XP required to level from 8 to 9. This has been reduced from 80 to 72. This means that players will need to earn 8 less XP to reach level 9.

Shop Odds

Get ready for a clearer path to powering up your champions in this TFT Patch Notes 14.6. Level 7 is now the sweet spot for getting 3-star versions of your 3-cost champions, while Level 8 takes that role for 4-cost champions.

  • Level 7: 19/35/35/10/1% ⇒ 19/30/40/10/1%
  • Level 8: 18/25/36/18/3% ⇒ 18/25/32/22/3%

TFT Patch Notes 14.6 reveal changes to Spatulas appearing on Carousels. These powerful comeback tools were a bit too reliable, making Prismatic tier traits appear more often than intended. To keep those moments special and shake up the meta, the devs are reducing the odds of finding Spatulas on Carousels.

  • The odds of seeing Spatula on a carousel have been reduced

New And Renamed Portals

Get ready for some fresh twists in Inkborn Fables! TFT Patch Notes 14.6 introduces a brand new set of Portals to shake up the game. The update also revamps the names of existing Portals for better clarity.

  • Champion Conference: Every stage, gain a champion that fits your team.
  • Gold Subscription: Every stage, gain a randomized amount of gold. All players gain the same amount.
  • Gold Opener: Start the game with 7 gold.
  • Anvil Buffet: All items drop as component anvils.
  • Wandering Vendors: Start with a Training Dummy with 2 permanently attached Support items.
  • Lethal Legends: Deal +1 damage when winning combat.
  • Golden Symphony has been renamed to Golden Gala
  • Prismatic Symphony has been renamed to Prismatic Party
  • Crescendo has been renamed to Ascending Augments

Removed Portals

The patch notes announce the removal of several Portals from the game. These include:

  • Multi-Talented
  • Showtime
  • Training Dummy
  • Unit Accelerator
  • Augment Payout
  • Item Payout
  • Treasure Armory
  • Loaded Carousels

Augments in TFT Patch Notes 14.6

TFT Patch Notes 14.6 is shaking things up with a massive overhaul of the Augment system. Over 100 new and returning Augments are joining the fray, with a focus on traits and unique strategies. 

Silver Augments open doors for experimentation, with options like snowballing your economy or even benefiting all players at once. No more Headliners means more space for trait-specific Augments, potentially unlocking those coveted Prismatic Traits! 

Classic Augments like Stand United return, alongside creative new ways to manage your rolls and even channel the power of past Hero Augments.

Finally, Prismatic Augments continue to push boundaries with even more ways to break trait thresholds and interact with the shop and reforging system.

TFT Patch Notes 14.6 Yasuo

Items in TFT Patch Notes 14.6

This TFT Patch Notes 14.6 brings some exciting updates to core and support items in Teamfight Tactics! Let’s dive in.

Crownguard finally gets some love, now granting bonus Ability Power to its holder during combat.  Tactician’s Crown also receives a buff, offering a well-rounded package of health, damage, attack speed, and resistances.

Needlessly Big Gem undergoes a transformation. It no longer generates gold but offers a significant damage boost after 15 seconds.

Zz’Rot Portal receives a rework. While the initial taunt is gone, you can now strategically position the Voidspawn during the planning phase.

Finally, a small but impactful change to Thief’s Gloves ensures their stolen items persist throughout the round, regardless of how often they’re swapped around.

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TFT Patch Notes 14.6 Kobuko

TFT Patch 14.6 ushers in a wave of exciting changes, from the strategic depth of Encounters to a smoother leveling experience. Dive into Inkborn Fables, collect new champions and cosmetics, and explore the vast possibilities within it.

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