Overwatch 2 Cowboy Bebop Skins Are $25 Per Skin

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The new Overwatch 2 Cowboy Bebop Skins are here and are 25 dollars each.

You heard me right, thats not all of them per skin.

But is this secretly a great deal? Lets take a look even closer.

Overwatch 2 Cowboy Bebop Skins Are As Expensive As The Whole Anime Boxset

Fans were delighted to hear that Overwatch 2 and Cowboy Bebop were crossing over.

Arguably one of the best animes ever made meets one of the most mid-team shooters there ever was! But my feelings about Overwatch aside, we can all agree on one thing. Charging 25 dollars per skin is ridiculous.

You heard me right; each skin costs $25 or 21, respectively. You like Spike Spiegel, right? But do you like him enough to cough up 20 smackers?

This means that if you want all four skins, Mercy, McCree (I dont forget Blizzard), Sombra, and Mauga, to look like the Bebop crew, it will cost a total of $100!

$25 *PER SKIN*





You could get Helldivers 2 for less than the price of two of these skins.

You could buy so many whole-ass games for less than ONE of these skins.

Don’t let nostalgia blind you. pic.twitter.com/Dm1n5rTka5

Maple Hatenashi (@Maple_QB) March 13, 2024

I just had a look online, and I can buy the complete blu-ray collection of the anime for $29.99. Thats about one-third of these skins. So ask yourself: Do you want to look like a pale imitation of Jet? Or do you want to just watch the anime again?

Skins are subjective; of course, it is up to the consumer to decide if something is worth buying. But in all honesty, These skins are not even that great to begin with.

Ashe looks fine as Faye, but Mcree looks more like the dude from that one episode with the cowboy than Spike himself. And Jet and Ed have been a little dirty with their skins too.

But at least the artwork they released was nice. You know, so thats something good. It beats playing the game, for sure!

Cowboy Bebop

I get to write about Cowboy Bebop as well, finally. In the world of anime, there is no safer recommendation than this show.

It has a little something for everyone and is honestly like a gateway drug to the rest of the medium. The show is famous for its amazing music and stellar animation. Not to mention a great English dub to boot that even outclasses the original voice acting in some cases.

Not to say one is the better version, but it is, and it was especially rare at the time to see voice actors put such effort into portraying their roles. For a lot of people, the English voice just fits better given the overall abundance of western influence and style.

For those interested in the series or intrigued by it, then definitely go check it out. Maybe instead of buying two skins, save yourself the trouble and buy the DVD. Heck, for all four, you can get the original prints!

Some gamers are a little upset that Fortnite did not get the brand deal, as this means no spike in Fortnite. Honestly, it would have been better off with anyone else. Heck, I am all for putting the cowboy in Tekken at this rate. Even Jet or Faye could fit right in.

But it is what is and what is not very nice.

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