Bandai Namco Banning Tekken 8 Pluggers And Cheaters Finally

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It looks like Bandai is finally banning Tekken 8 pluggers and cheaters online.

Since launch, the game has suffered from players cheating and leaving mid-rank matches.

But has this been enough to scare players from ruining the ranking system, or is it just a slap on the wrist?

Devs are finally banning Tekken 8 pluggers and cheaters.

Since its release, players have been enjoying the online modes offered in Tekken 8.

From ranked matches to even Tekken Ball, players have been having a blast online. But for those playing ranked one issue has resurfaced. And it’s even the same problem from the days of Tekken 6 and 7.

There was no penalty for losing a ranked match. Seriously, none at all. The way the system works is that if you win a match, you get points to rank up. And if you lose a match, you lose points, which may cause a derank.

However, if you leave a match just before you lose by unplugging the interent or turning off the game, your points remain the same!

Sure, you can block the player via the replays of any round and find their profile easily enough. But nothing happens to your points. So for those who really care about numbers on a screen, it is a risk-free option.

Sometimes it is down to a poor connection or the game crashing (which is still a slight issue on PC). But it’s easy to tell when done on purpose. Especially when the top players on the leaderboards stream their plugging escapades.

But recently, Harada and his team made a statement on Twitter that they are promising to implement bans for players cheating, plugging, and using inappropriate names.

Account Suspensions (🧵1/2)

We’ve suspended accounts involved in malicious and unauthorized activities, with penalties ranging from temporary to indefinite bans for:

Intentional disconnects
Cheating, use of unauthorized mods or cracks
Inappropriate customizations / player names

— TEKKEN (@TEKKEN) March 15, 2024

However, the system is not yet fully implemented in the game and is up to players reporting them via Twitter, which is a bit archaic.

The Issue With Banning In Tekken And Online In General

Okay, so we all agree that pluggers and cheaters get the ban hammer. There is no mistaking that.

But it is tough to implement a system that properly punishes malicious players and leaves innocent ones. Imagine a system where pluggers were automatically banned. And that also meant players who dissipated due to reasons not of their own.

Yor playing, a power cut hits, and now you are permanently banned! Not exactly fair and nice, is it?

And also, I take issue with the game wanting to ban players for inappropriate names. There has been some uproar with certain players taking offense to certain gamer tags.

Personally, I don’t lose any sleep when someone I play against has a rude name. But some people do, and for those people, they have options.

One is to not play online games, but a more practical one is to block the offending player. I think calling out for a ban just because a name has ruffled your feathers is a bit lame.

Especially since the name itself does not affect gameplay and distracts from banning real offenders. And what players find inappropriate is constantly changing with the times. Sure, there is some out-and-out nasty stuff, but eventually, an automated system banning names would lead to a steralized, uncreative name pool of numbers and symbols.

Heck, even the right arrangement of numbers can upset someone. At that point, your next opponent should be jogging outside!

Also theres that whole legal thing of I bought a game and now I am aloud to play game. Theres a fine line that honestly only Valve gets close to with CS and even them they have some silly bans.

Like freindly fire in a team based shooter gets you banned even on accident come on now!

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