Enter the Chronosphere Dares You to Tackle Its New Demo Next Week

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Australian developers Effort Star knocked it out of the park at PAX East a short while back with Enter the Chronosphere, easily the biggest highlight of indie publisher Joystick Ventures’ lineup, and in this writer’s opinion, the best game of the entire show. Lest you think anyone at HG is alone in those opinions, though, the wait to tackle the game apparently drew lines with ninety-minute waits at times, and apparently even had some people getting back in line to play again. So either there was a hefty amount of people who loved the game, or there were a hefty amount of people who just really, really wanted one of the exclusive tote bags you could get if you completed the demo. Those tote bags might be a rarity now, though, as Rhys Van Der Waerden, Director, Programmer and Producer at Effort Star, has said today that Only thirteen people beat the demo at PAX now lets see what the rest of the world can do next week! as they announced that a new demo will be available for all to try out soon.

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