Here’s what happened at the STING Olstar sa Hataw press conference

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The STING Olstar sa Hataw press conference was held in Highgrounds Cafe last Saturday, May 4 where future plans to further develop the Philippine esports scene was announced. The Olstar sa Hataw Roadshow will begin this May where different community activities, mini tournaments, and KOL meetups will happen every Saturday. The main focus will be community engagement and empowering local competitive gaming.

The Olstar Showdown will officially launch in June with a prize pool of P250,000 for per game title. The games that will be featured in the tournament will be DOTA 2 and Crossfire. As a grand finale, a championship event for the STING Olstar Showdown will be hosted at PGDX 2024.

Cristina Sim, NCB Brand Manager from Pepsico highlighted STING’s commitment to supporting grassroots players in the Philippines through dedicated offline setups in computer shops.

Of course, the press conference wouldn’t be complete without a little esports action. Collegiate level players went up against “tito” veterans to see which generation has the better DOTA 2 players. The KOLs that were present also played a round of Crossfire which ended with an intense 1-kill difference in the scores.

There is no denying the amount of passion and competitive drive Filipinos have when it comes to gaming. From street computer shops to international stages, the Philippines has seen its fair share of competition. The STING Olstar sa Hataw is a great new step into making sure that the future of the players and the local esports industry as a collective continues to scale positively.

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