Rise of the Ronin launch trailer “The Aftermath” revealed

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The wait is almost over!

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We’re only a few more days away from the launch of Team NINJA’s upcoming action adventure game – Rise of the Ronin! To keep the hype train going, PlayStation just dropped the Rise of the Ronin launch trailer on their official Youtube channel and it looks pretty hype. Check out the trailer below titled The Aftermath!


In case you’re reading this and still not familiar with what Rise of the Ronin is, you can check out our first impressions of the game here. In our first impressions, we described the game as “what happens when you take Ghost of Tsushima, Far Cry, Elden Ring, and throw in early 2000s media vibe in there.” The game comes from Team Ninja who was behind the game titles Nioh and Ninja Gaiden. Rise of the Ronin has a huge focus on its gameplay, particularly combat as it allows you various options to take out your foes – such as swords, rifles, and other tools. With the story set in 1863 Japan, you take control of a Ronin who needs to navigate through this era’s climate of war, disease and political unrest to steer the course of Japan.


In this new trailer that mixes both live action and gameplay footage, viewers are treated to a preview of the mood and setting of the game as it depicts Japan as a war torn land where it is up to the Ronin to eliminate his adversaries and bring peace to the lands.

If you liked the Rise of the Ronin launch trailer and want to find out more about the game, reviews will soon be up as we inch closer and closer to the launch date which is in just a few more days as of the time of writing this article. Rise of the Ronin will release on the PlayStation 5 on March 22, 2024.



Rise of the Ronin gets March 2024 release date on PS5

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