Hades 2 early access available now

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Hades 2 early access available now
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The Hades 2 early access is now out. For any fans of the 2020 Greek mythology roguelike from Supergiant Games, its sequel is now playable.

This is Supergiant’s fifth game since their founding in 2009, and their first ever sequel. Since Bastion in 2011, Supergiant Games have a strong record with four critically-acclaimed titles. Their fourth game, Hades, is the company’s biggest hit to date, with massive commercial and critical success.

Excited fans will want to see if Supergiant Games continues their ever-upwards trajectory with its continuation.

How to get Hades 2 early access?

Hades 2 (stylized as Hades II) is available for purchase in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It is also compatible with the Steam Deck.

Like its predecessor, it is a roguelite dungeon crawler. The player must battle through a series of room-locked encounters to gain power-ups and currencies. Runs end either by defeating the final boss or with the player’s death.

In between runs, the players can visit a hub area where they can interact with various NPCs and spend accumulated currency for permanent improvements.

Additionally, the God Mode returns from the first game. This difficulty option allows the player to become stronger after each failure to help guarantee eventual success.

The player takes the role of Melione, a Princess of the Underworld and sister to previous protagonist Zagreus. Set vaguely after the first game, Melione must proceed through the depths to defeat Chronos, the Titan of Time. Like Zagreus, she will have the aid of the Olympian Gods, who provide boons to empower her on her quest.

The game continues with its isometric action gameplay using a variety of weapons to unlock different fighting styles.

Introduced in Hades 2 is the Magick Bar. Appropriate for a mentee of Hecate, Melione can expend magic to unleash powerful sorceries. The Magick Bar recharges after each combat encounter.

hades 2 early access

Will progress carry over?

Supergiant Games has stated that they intend for early access progress to carry over to the full release.

While not a guarantee, it does indicate the the developers plan to make the early access part of the overall progression. This will be great news to any players hesitant to try out the game for fear of lost progress.

Currently, Hades 2 is in a very advanced state for early access. It already has:

  • more levels, enemies, and voiced characters than the original game
  • a full music suite by mainstay composer Darren Korb
  • multiple boss fights

The true ending is not available in early access, but there is still plenty of game to enjoy. Players may also appreciate seeing the game evolve and grow as new features are continually added.

In addition to the initial early access launch, Supergiant Games intends for a Major Update to release later this year. At the very least, they don’t expect the full 1.0 version to be come out in 2024.

While they don’t have a defined release date or confirmed platforms, Supergiant Games also intends for Hades 2 to eventually be available for PC, Mac, and console.

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