Reveil review – What happened at the Nelson Bros Circus?

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Reveil is a first-person psycho-thriller game where the main focus is the narrative of the story. Players will have the opportunity to take on the role of Walter Thompson as he tries to understand what is happening. If you are curious to know what we think of the game, we invite you to continue reading our review.

Looking for answers

The game begins with the protagonist of this adventure waking up in a state of confusion. The things we see are surreal, yet they have something familiar about them. However, where did his wife Martha and daughter Dorie go? What is really happening?

Our task will be to answer these questions (and others) as we explore the game world in search of fragments of memories that can give us clues as to what is happening. However, it certainly wont be that simple. Set in an environment that is very reminiscent of the circles of the 1960s, Reveail will not immediately give you the answers you are looking for.

Were not going to tell you in detail what the game is about because well spoil the surprise for you. Reveil is a game that must be discovered by playing, step by step, calmly, and focusing on every detail. For this reason, telling you precisely what awaits you is not only a spoiler, but it is also not functional to the economy of the game. You wouldnt experience the same emotions.

Between imagination and reality

One of the best things that has been created by the developers is definitely the duality between reality and fiction. Often, it will be difficult to distinguish the two, so we will wonder if what we are seeing and experiencing is really happening or is just a trick of our mind. As we continue the adventure, it will be increasingly difficult to understand, but we will not be able to do anything but continue.

The protagonist of the game has constant memories and visions that will not be easy to interpret at all. What we know is that we have to find a way to get back to our wife and daughter. But how can we do this if we cant even distinguish reality from fiction? Its up to the player to find an effective way.

Still, regarding the setting, we can say that it is certainly one of the most successful points made by the development team. The developers have certainly done an excellent job of recreating the atmosphere of the 1960s, complete with posters, paintings, and so on that seem to have come out in those years.

reveil review

Riddles and puzzles

Reveil falls into the genre of thriller/horror games, so as such, there is certainly no shortage of puzzles and riddles to solve. In fact, in order to continue your adventure, you will be called on several occasions to solve riddles or find the correct solution to a puzzle.

However, dont worry, because they wont be that difficult to solve. Anyone who is used to this type of game will certainly know how to proceed without too many complications. Well, maybe daring a little more from this point of view wouldnt have hurt, but we are aware that Reveil has as its focal point the story it wants to tell and the way in which it wants to tell it.

For this reason, inserting puzzle elements that were too complicated could have dampened the pace of the story too much. In a game like Reveil, it is essential that the story follows a precise structure and with the right rhythms so as to always be involved within it.

reveil review

Reveil review A good thriller game

Reveil is an excellent thriller game that manages to keep players glued to the screen until the end of the game. The plot unfolds in different settings and situations and it is not easy to understand which is the truth and which is our imagination.

The technical sector of Reveil is good and there are no major problems that could make the experience a torment (not only for what happens within the game). The soundtrack and visual effects that the development team wanted to create to make the experience as authentic as possible are also excellent.

Ultimately, we can say that Revail is certainly a successful project, and that mixes well within it both the classic mechanics of the genre and the new ones. If you are a lover of this type of game, you absolutely cannot miss it.

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