This vibrating Master Sword replica lets you live out your Legend of Zelda fantasies

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If getting it in-game isn’t enough, then this vibrating Master Sword replica is the perfect collectible for you.

It has been over a year now since Tears of the Kingdom’s release, and for fans who still can’t get enough Legend of Zelda, then this premium collectible is no doubt a must-have, especially as it’s a life-size recreation of Link’s iconic sword.

Made by Premium Bandai, this officially licensed Master Sword replica is incredibly detailed, making it a great partner for cosplayers who want a premium sword to go with their Link costume, or for Zelda fans who want a collectible that they can proudly display on their shelf.

Just look at the details in these official images:

While it’s a great display piece, it’s not just for show. Sure, you won’t be able to cut down enemies with this thing, but it also plays iconic music from the games. As a bonus, the sword also has a vibration function. By pushing a button in the hilt, the sword will vibrate.

To be honest, we’re not sure what the vibration function is for. After all, the sword’s size and shape means it likely won’t be an effective massager. Still, it’s cool to have a vibrating Master Sword replica so you can live out your Link fantasies. Just be sure to treat the sword with care.

Interested in getting one? This Master Sword replica is priced at JPY 22,000 (around USD 141 or PHP 8,125) on the official Nintendo Store. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s very much a must-have for the biggest Zelda fans.

Source: Nintendo via SoraNews24

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