Kassadin Build Guide for Wild Rift

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Kassadin Build Guide for Wild Rift
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Unleash the power of the Void Walker! This Wild Rift Kassadin build guide equips you with everything you need to obliterate opponents. Master optimal itemization, strategic gameplay, and ability usage to become a late-game menace.

Kassadin Build: Abilities

Kassadin wields the power of the void to disrupt and decimate his opponents. Understanding his abilities is key to unlocking his potential.

Void Stone (Passive): Gains a shield that absorbs magic damage when casting a spell near a visible enemy champion.

Null Sphere (First): Fires an orb that deals magic damage and silences the first enemy hit. Max second.

Nether Blade (Second): Enhances his next attack to gain extra range, deal additional magic damage and restore a percentage of missing mana. If the attack kills the target, Nether Blade’s remaning cooldown is reduced by 50%

Force Pulse (Third): Deals magic damage to enemies and slows them. Force Pulse is enhanced after 6 spells are cast nearby, dealing increased damage and slow. Max first.

Riftwalk (Ultimate): Blinks to target location and deals magic damage to nearby enemies. The next Riftwalk cast within deals 50% increased damage and costs more mana (Stacks 3 times).

Kassadin Build: Items

Crafting the right build for Kassadin is crucial for maximizing his void powers.

Starting Item

  • Amplifying Tome: This item increases your AP at the beginning of the game for better trades in the laning phase.
  • Sapphire Crystal: Against difficult matchups you can start with this item to stack the Archangel’s Staff early.

Core Build

  • Archangel’s Staff: Boosts mana and ability power, converting mana expenditure into bonus damage.
  • Rod of Ages: Provides health, mana, and ability power, along with essential mana regeneration.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: Significantly increases Kassadin’s ability power, amplifying his damage output.

Situational Items

  • Void Staff: Essential against foes with high magic resistance, providing magic penetration.
  • Morellonomicon: Inflicts grievous wounds, reducing enemy healing and dealing bonus magic damage.
  • Banshee’s Veil: Grants a spell shield to block enemy abilities.
  • Crystalline Reflector: Reflects part of basic attack damage, great against auto attack reliant champions.
  • Crown of the Shattered Queen: Grants shield vs ability damage, ideal for heavy AP poke or burst comps.


  • Stasis Enchant: Offers a stasis effect to survive incoming burst damage.
  • Protobelt Enchant: This can be used when you have the advantage. It will increase your overall reach and make getting takedowns easier.

Kassadin Build: Runes


  • First Strike: This aggressive keystone rewards you with bonus gold and damage for initiating combat. Great for snowballing in winning matchups.
  • Fleet Footwork: This defensive keystone provides sustain through healing and movement speed, helping you stay healthy during tough laning phases against aggressive champions.

Primary Tree:

  • Precision (Domination is also viable): This tree focuses on raw damage and snowball potential.
    • Gathering Storm: Scales your ability power throughout the game, maximizing Kassadin’s late-game dominance.
    • Giant Slayer: Boosts your damage against champions with high maximum health, perfect for dealing with tanky threats.
    • Legend: Tenacity: Provides tenacity, helping you shrug off crowd control effects and stay in the fight longer.


  • Inspiration: This tree offers sustain and mana management for a smoother laning phase.
    • Sweet Tooth: Grants bonus gold from minion kills, accelerating your itemization.
    • Transcendence: Exceeds the ability haste cap, allowing you to spam your abilities more often in late game.
    • Manaflow Band: Provides bonus mana and mana regeneration, crucial for Kassadin’s early mana hungry playstyle.

Secondary Tree:

  • Resolve: Offers bonus survivability, particularly useful in matchups where early aggression is expected.
    • Overgrowth: Grants bonus health as the game progresses, making Kassadin a more durable mage.

Domination Option: Consider this tree if you want a more aggressive early game with runes like Electrocute or Sudden Impact. However, Precision or Inspiration are generally more recommended for Kassadin build.

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Kassadin Build: Gameplay Tips

Laning Phase:

  • Farm meticulously to unlock Riftwalk (level 5) as soon as possible.
  • Utilize Force Pulse for harassment and wave clear.
  • Exercise caution against early-game aggressors.
  • Manage your mana pool to remain a constant threat.

Teamfighting Phase:

  • Employ Riftwalk to ambush and eliminate vulnerable targets.
  • Activate Stasis Enchant to evade lethal damage.
  • Focus on taking down high-value enemies.
  • Coordinate with your team for successful ganks and team engagements.

Extra Tips:

  • Position intelligently to avoid unnecessary focus.
  • Monitor the map to sidestep ganks and support objective control.
Kassadin Build - Count Kassadin

Ascend to mastery with Kassadin! This guide serves as your launchpad. Now, it’s your turn to experiment, refine your skills, and become an unstoppable force in the Rift. Remember, practice and strategic thinking are key to unlocking Kassadin’s true potential. So, channel the Void, dominate your matches, and watch your enemies crumble before you!

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