Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to romance Ulrika

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Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to romance Ulrika
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 has finally arrived on the market after a very long wait since the release of the first chapter of the series. Many have been clamoring for a sequel from Capcom for many years and, finally, the Japanese software house has decided to please its fans.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 follows in the footsteps of the first chapter, but tries to improve in all its aspects, also trying to innovate where possible. One of the aspects that has remained unchanged and that is certainly closest to the players’ hearts is that of being able to have romantic relationships with the characters.

In this article, therefore, we will try to give you all the information possible on how to romance Ulrika in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you are looking for a way to make this character fall into your arms, you are certainly in the right place.

How to romance Ulrika in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Ulrika is one of the main characters of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and you will meet her for the first time when you arrive in Melve. Since you will have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her, many have wondered if there is actually the possibility of being able to establish a relationship with this character and her answer is yes.

If you are intent on having a relationship with Ulrika in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will have to complete three different missions. You will have to complete all three of these missions correctly so that, at the end of the last one, you will witness a cutscene in which Ulrika will profess her feelings for your character.

The specific missions you will have to complete are the following:

  • Readvent of Calamity
  • Trouble on the Cape
  • Home is Where the Heart is
Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to romance Ulrika

Readvent of Calamity

To trigger the Readvent of Calamity, you need to complete the Monster Culling Main Quest and then proceed to finish the Scaly Invader Quest in Harve Village. Next, you go to Melve where a dragon is attacking. You fight the dragon and talk to Ulrika at the inn.

After a fight, she asks you to stay, but she disappears the next day. Then you find her in Harve Village and talk to her. Finally, you finish the special event in Dragon’s Dogma 2 by telling Lennart what happened.

Trouble on the Cape

When you go to Harve Village looking for Ulrika, you will trigger Trouble on the Cape during the Readvent Calamity Quest. You have to explore the Stormwind Cave to find a villager who’s gone missing. Inside the cave, you’ll see lots of saurians. Keep going until you reach a big open area.

Then, climb up the slope to the left and choose the path to the right when you see a chest between two paths. Once you rescue the villager, and everyone gets out of the cave safely, Ulrika will thank you and become the leader of Harve Village.

Home is Where the Heart is

After finishing the An Unsettling Encounter Quest in Vernworth, you can go back to Melve to start the Home Is Where the Hearth Is Quest. Because the village is controlled by the Queen, you can’t just walk in. You’ll have to give the guard 5000 Gold coins to get through.

Then, talk to Lennart. He tells you that the villagers want to fight back, but the guards have taken all the weapons. There are two ways to get them: if you did the Brothers Brave and Timid Quest before, the brothers will help distract the guards so you can sneak in and get the weapons. If not, buy the cheapest swords from Vernworth and give them to Lennart because the Melve merchants can’t sell weapons. Once the villagers have their weapons, they’ll fight the guards, and you have to help.

After the fight, Lennart tells you that Ulrika has invited the villagers to live in Harve Village away from the Queen’s control. Rest for a day and go to Harve Village to find Ulrika at the docks. She thanks you for helping and asks you to come back at night. Pass the time on a nearby bench and talk to her at night to see a special scene. Ulrika will confess her feelings for you.

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