Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Gameplay Reveal

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Bandai dropped a new Dragon Ball Sparking Zero gameplay reveal trailer!

The new DBZ fighter looks to bring back the Budokai Tenkaichi formula.

But does it shape up, and what has changed since the last one?

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Gameplay Analysis

Fans were eager to find a full gameplay reveal showcase, which was livestreamed by Bandai.

The latest DBZ Fighter is an arena-based 3D fighter akin to the classic Budokai series. But for other fans, it is also closer to the Raging Blast series.

Needless to say, the game looks great visually. Bandai and others have perfected the anime aesthetic for tees. Much more looking like Gulty Gear than Shonen Versus.

From the gameplay, we were given a full rundown on the mechanics and implementation.

Luckily, some old systems remain, such as the Dragon Dash and Instant Dodging. This makes the game fast as hell and hectic, just like in the anime.

The instant swap-out is a mechanic found in fighters like DBZ and Naruto. Essentially, you have stamina bars, and during a combo or hit, you can warp out of them. So instead of taking a full barrage, you can quickly tp behind the attacker.

But he has this as well, so you get this amazing display of players warping in and out until finally one runs out or counters the other.

Along with the stamina system, we have the ki charge system. A mainstay for DBZ ki charging allows players to fill up their ki gauge in order to fire their big bangs and turtle waves (I know its kamehmeha, but I dont want to keep spelling that out)!

This is the main crux of the anime fighter. It’s important to maintain and be aware of your stamina and ki at the same time. You have to pick the right time to strike and go on the defense when either is high or low.

Impact Action

No, not Impact Drive from Street Fighter, but Impact Action. This is the new beam struggle mechanic that is sorely missing from one too many DBZ games.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Gameplay

When both players fire their large ki blasts, they enter a struggle phase where it appears players must time buton inputs to fill a bar, and whoever fills it the most wins and blasts the other into the shadow realm.

One notable change is just the sheer speed of everything. Even when just normally flying about, players are moving way faster than before. And that’s just how we like it.

Also new is the revenge counter, which works much like a drive-reversal. Players can attack out of hits, resetting both players back to normal.

They have also added the vanishing attacks from Xenoverse, which allow for instant follow-ups after knocking a player halfway across the map.

While we are at it, the gameplay feedback looks great so far. There is total bulding destruction, and side walks are being obliterated. Its great to see a DBZ game really emphasize the destructive chaos that is the series.

From this alone, I can guarantee everyone that there will not be a Switch port. Good lord, it would fry that thing!

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