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Trophies and achievements are one of the more divisive aspects of modern gaming. Some people don’t care about them, and others love collecting every last one. This guide caters to the latter category of gamers. Rise of the Ronin has 51 trophies in total, one platinum, two gold, nine silver and 39 bronze. It isn’t the most difficult game to secure a platinum trophy, but getting that can be a very time-consuming endeavor. Below we have listed out how to obtain every trophy in the game to help cut down on the amount of hours one must sink into Rise of the Ronin. Be warned that in the very nature of trophy guides there are spoilers. Except for one trophy that requires Midnight difficulty, all other trophies can be unlocked on any difficulty level.

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Rise of the Ronin – Obtained all trophies (platinum). Follow the guide below and this trophy will be yours.

Flying the Nest – Cleared the Prologue (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises – Learned that your Blade Twin is still alive (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

Infiltrate the Prison Complex – Made your way to Shoin Yoshida (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

A Happy Memory – Take a photograph at the request of Taka Murayama (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

Black Ships, Long Shadows – Cleared Chapter 1 (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

Meeting Kaishu Katsu – Spoke with Kaishu Katsu at the Sumida River (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

A Show for the Shogun – Learned the identity of the mysterious samurai at the duel (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

Strange Bedfellows – Brokered a truce between Roshigumi and the Choshu clan (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

Cities of Darkness – Cleared Chapter 2 (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

The Satsuma- Chosu Alliance – Persuaded Takamoni Saijo (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

The Battle of Toba-Fushimi – Brought the Battle of Toba-Fushimi to an end (bronze). Unmissable, progress through the story.

A Veiled Edge’s Future – Sealed the fate of your Blade Twin (silver). Unmissable, progress through the story.

The Dawn of a New Japan – Cleared Chapter 3 (silver). Unmissable, progress through the story.

Threads of Fate – Established first bond (bronze). This trophy is unmissiable as it will pop as soon as the player forms a bond with an NPC.

One Good Turn Deserves Another – Gave your first gift (bronze). As the player meets more characters, they can give gifts in the dialog menu. This can be done when meeting a character at their spot or when they visit the player in the longhouse.

Veiled Vow – Started first romantic relationship (silver). When a bond with a character becomes high enough, a new option in the dialog menu will appear with a pink icon. There is also a prompt that informs the player they have something to talk about with that character. Simply follow the dialog prompts, and it will lead to a scene where the two characters gaze into each other’s eyes.

Fateful Encounter – Achieved your first Lv. 4 Personal Bond (bronze). Complete bond missions, ask questions from the dialog menu and give relevant gifts. By the end of the game, it’s likely to have several characters with a Lv. 4 Personal Bond.

Home Sweet Home – Achieved your first Lv. 3 Area Bond (bronze). On the map screen the triangle button will bring up a list of everything in an area (cats, landmarks, banners, shrines etc). Keep finding these and eventually the area bond will hit Lv. 3 and the trophy will pop.

Collector – Earned your first Completion Reward (bronze). Basically the same as Home Sweet Home except this trophy requires that every box in an area gets checked. This is worth doing in multiple areas, as Skill points and Attribute points are rewards for area completion, but only one area is required for the trophy.

Good to Go – Upgraded your armor, weapon and sub-weapon (bronze). Go to the blacksmith and upgrade one melee weapon, one sub weapon (bow or gun) and one piece of armor. Materials for upgrades can either be purchased, found in the world or acquired from disassembling equipment that is no longer needed.

Transfer of Power – Performed your first bond transfer (bronze). At the blacksmith you can transfer an attribute from one piece of equipment to another with a Bond Jewel. Do that once and the trophy is yours.

Resonance – Equipped four or more pieces of equipment with the same set bonus for the first time (bronze). Under the name of some pieces of equipment there is a subheading. Equip four of the same subheadings and the trophy will be obtained.

Fresh Start – Remodeled your longhouse for the first time (bronze). When the longhouse is unlocked there should be some decorative items already in the inventory. Put out a display weapon, hang a picture, put some armor on the mannequin or put some items on the display shelves.

Traveling Through Time – Retried a mission for the first time using the Testament of Souls (bronze). Choices in Rise of the Ronin don’t matter too much, since the Testament of Souls lets the player redo missions and make different choices. This is an essential feature for some other trophies, but for this trophy just revisit any completed mission and the trophy is yours.

Striver’s License’s – Received the highest rank (Master) at the dojo (bronze). There are dojos all over the different maps. This trophy can be earned at any of them. The easiest way is to just go to the first one in Yokohama and keep sparring with opponents until Master rank is achieved.

Horseback Hero – Received the highest rank (Master) in horseback archery (bronze). There are horseback archery spots all over the different maps. This trophy can be earned at any of them. The easiest way is to just go to the first one in Yokohama and keep trying until Master rank is achieved. Concentrate more on hitting targets than speed. High accuracy with a slow time will result in a score that unlocks the trophy.

Winged Warrior – Received the highest rank (Master) in gliding training (bronze). There are glide training spots all over the different maps. This trophy can be earned at any of them. The easiest way is to just go to the first one in Yokohama and keep trying until Master rank is achieved. This is the easiest of the training challenges. Just glide through the targets and stick the landing.

Firearm Genius – Received the highest rank (Master) in firearms training (bronze). There are gun ranges all over the different maps. This trophy can be earned at any of them. The easiest way is to just go to the first one in Yokohama and keep blasting away until Master rank is achieved.

Cheater Beater – Catch 5 cheaters while playing Odds and Evens (bronze). If the player sticks around for enough games of Odds and Evens, every so often the screen will get a purple haze and a cheater will be discussed. The player has the option to either mimic the cheater or call them out. In our playthrough, the trophy was earned by mimicking the cheater. When the player decides to copy the cheater, they have a few seconds to figure out which player to copy. We always went with the cheater whose betting history most closely resembled the game history. Do this five times and the trophy pops.

Style Guru – Mastered three combat styles (bronze). This trophy technically isn’t automatic, but it may as well be. Just switch between three fighting styles. The player also gains fighting style experience based on NPCs’ fighting styles, so this trophy will eventually pop without any conscious effort from the player.

A Jack of One Trade is the Master of All – Mastered one of the four stat types (bronze). There are a handful of trophies in Rise of the Ronin that require a lot of time and grinding and this is one of them. There is no shortage of skill points, but specific points like Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Charm are much harder to come by.

To get this trophy, only one stat needs to be maxed out. Treatises of particular stats are required to obtain enough attribute points to get this trophy. These can be purchased through specific vendors by completing tasks like collecting cats, taking photographs or eliminating fugitives.

They can also be earned by building one’s bonds with NPCs, finding treasure chests or completing region collections. They can also be purchased at gambling dens for 200 wood blocks, so an easy but very expensive way to get this trophy is to travel to the different gambling dens on the different maps as they have different stock. It is very likely this will be one of the last trophies a player earns.

Contraption Creator – Conducted Technology Development 15 times (bronze). Foreign books are one of the favorite items of Igashichi Iizuka. Bring 15 to him to assist with conducting his research and this trophy should pop.

Shadow Stalker – Succeeded in carrying out 100 assassinations (silver). This is a trophy that is very easy to unlock, especially if someone finds glider assassinations fun. Just sneak up on 100 unsuspecting enemies for the stealth kill and the trophy is yours.

Keeper of the Peace – Defeated 50 fugitives (silver). Fugitives are strong enemies that are located on the map. Their symbol is an octagon with an equal sign. Some of them are only out during certain hours and a few need to have special conditions met to appear, but there are more than enough fugitives just out most of the time to make this an easy trophy to get.

Fancy Meeting You Here – Had 50 Chance Encounters (bronze). Chance encounters are a flag with an exclamation point. These could be any number of things. For the trophy to pop just follow the ! flags whenever they show up and the trophy should be obtained in no time.

Moneybags – saved 150,000 sen (bronze). This requires 150,000 sen at one time. There is no shortage of equipment in Rise of the Ronin so the player can just sell off a bunch of stuff at once to get the trophy. But this is also a game where money doesn’t get spent too often, so it’s very likely the trophy will eventually pop from the gradual accumulation of money.

Well-Rounded Ronin – Reach Level 55 (bronze). Depending on how much content stuff the player feels like completing this trophy could happen before the end of the game. If not, the player can just tie up loose ends in the post game so this trophy shouldn’t be a problem.

Friendly Neighborhood Ronin – Complete all Bond Missions (gold). There are 58 of these in total. In order to get all 58 bond missions the player will need to use the Testament of Souls. In order to unlock all characters for bond missions, it is recommended that whenever there is a mission where there is a choice to kill or spare someone, sparing is the preferred choice.

If the player does kill someone it’s no big deal, just use the Testament of Souls to replay that mission and choose life, as choosing not to kill someone is required to get characters like Gonzo and Akikatsu Manabe.

The Testament of Souls is required regardless, because at some point the player will need to choose Pro-Shogunate or Anti-Shogunate, which is a choice that results in two different Kyoto maps. Having access to both maps is required for this, so using the Testament of Souls to replay Strange Bedfellows and choosing both sides is necessary. Bond missions appear on the map as symbols with the associated character’s face on them and also in the pause menu under the Mission heading.

Social Climber – Took part in missions with all available allies (silver). There are 32 available allies. On Ronin Missions the player can take up to two allies with them, so the smart and fast way to get this trophy is to keep track of who the player has taken and swap in new allies as soon as they are available.

The game doesn’t tell you who has been on a mission, so keeping track is up to the player. Another way is to just replay an early mission through Testament of Souls and just run through it quickly with new allies. By completing bond missions and replaying missions to get access to the different outcomes as discussed in the guide for Friendly Neighborhodd Ronin, the player should end up with 31 allies.

This can result in the player looking at their roster in bewilderment, wondering who they are missing and whine to Kevin about being unable to find the missing person. The elusive 32nd ally is Deishu Takahashi, the dojo master at the military academy in Edo. It is very easy to complete the game and never interact with this character. Go to the military academy dojo, talk to Deishu Takahasi and complete one training session. The bond will be formed and he can join you as a battle ally. Take him and the other 31 companions on a mission and the trophy is yours. A detailed guide for recruiting Deishu Takahasi can be found here.

Martial Arts Master – Defeated enemies using every weapon (bronze). There are nine different melee weapon types. Defeat one enemy with each type and the trophy is yours.

Sightseer – Completed all photograph spots (silver). There are 44 photographs to take. Refer to our guide.

Cats Over All – Collected all cats (silver). There are 100 cats to collect. Refer to our guide.

Solitary Ronin – Completed a mission without allies (bronze). For the trophy hunter who wants a challenge, complete a mission with no allies the first time they play it. For the trophy hunter who wants an easy trophy, use the Testament of Souls to go back to a previous mission and remove the allies.

Life Saver – Completed a No-Kill Mission’s objectives (bronze). Complete a designateed No-Kill mission either unarmed or with a nonlethal wood weapon. Weapons that are nonlethal are marked as such, so as long as one of those is equipped the player can beat up all the bad guys they want. Should the player decide to ignore this request and go on a murderous rampage, the No-Kill mission can be replayed through the Testament of Souls and the trophy can be earned.

Tears of a Blue Demon – Managed to beat the Blue Demon aboard the Black Ship (silver). The Blue Demon is an extremely tough boss during the first mission on the Black Ship, which makes this trophy either challenging or surprisingly easy. In order to get this trophy the impressive way, mastering the counterspark early in the game is the key to winning this fight during the initial encounter. It’s a grueling battle, but if the player can win this fight the rest of the game should be smooth sailing. However, once Testament of Souls is unlocked the player can travel back to the Black Ship with an over leveled character equipped with much nicer equipment. Doing it the second way makes this a very easy trophy.

Midnight Crossing – Completed an optional ronin mission with the “Midnight” difficulty setting enabled (bronze). Midnight difficulty is unlocked after completing the story. Midnight difficulty offers better gear and a greater challenge. It is a wonderful opportunity for players to put their skills to the test. For players who want an easy trophy, go back to an early Chapter 1 mission after using the Testament of Souls to switch the difficulty to Midnight.

The Greater Opportunity – Saved Shinsaku Takasugi’s life (bronze). Shinsaku Takasugi is one of the characters who is destined to die in the course of the story. Raise his bond level and eventually the Spice of Life bond mission will become available. Complete this mission and then alter the timeline so he lives.

Farewell, Black Cat – Saved Soji Okita’s Life (bronze). Soji Okita is another character who is written to die. Build up the bond level until A Moment of Brilliance bond mission becomes available. Change the timeline after completing the mission and the trophy is yours.

Twilight Fencer – Saved Ryoma Sakamoto’s Life (bronze). Ryoma Sakamoto is the player’s first real friend in the game, so of course he has to die. He dies during the Incident at Omi Inn, but thanks to the magic of the Testament of Souls it is possible to raise his bond through gift giving and bond missions. Once the bond was maxed out, the Incident at Omi Inn misssion was revisited through the Testament of Souls and Ryoma got to live.

Dive of the Ronin – Glided from the elevated deck at Kiyomizudera Temple (bronze). This temple is located in the southeast of Kyoto and the elevated deck isn’t accessible until after a story mission relatively late in Chapter 3. After a mission where the player has to invade the temple, the upper decks can be accessed and after the player spreads their wings after leaping from the deck the trophy shall pop.

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