Dragon’s Dogma 2: Finding Golden Trove Beetles

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Key Takeaways

  • Golden Trove Beetles enhance encumbrance, aiding inventory management in Dragon’s Dogma 2.
  • They impact gameplay by adjusting weight classifications, influencing speed, stamina, and movement.
  • Use pawns, cross-world knowledge, and night expeditions to spot these hidden collectibles effectively.

Hello, Arisen!

In the vast and intricate world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, the pursuit of power and survival often leads players to explore every nook and cranny of the land. Among the myriad collectibles scattered throughout the game, Golden Trove Beetles holds a unique place, offering tangible benefits that can significantly impact your journey. This guide delves into the essence of these elusive collectibles, how to find them, and the advantages they bring to your adventure.

Golden Trove Beetles are not just any ordinary collectible; they are intricately designed, bearing a scarab-like appearance with a distinctive orange-brown color scheme that blends seamlessly into the world’s natural clutter. Hidden among the trees, ruins, and rubble, these beetles are a common yet easily overlooked sight in the woodlands and other diverse locations of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Golden Trove Beetle

A rare beetle that glitters like gold. Consuming it increases the weight one can carry by 0.15 kg. The Arisen’s main pawn can also receive the same effect.



A rare beetle that glitters like gold. Consuming it increases the weight one can carry by 0.15 kg. The Arisen’s main pawn can also receive the same effect.

What do Golden Trove Beetles Do?

Upon discovering a Golden Trove Beetle, picking it up and utilizing it bestows you and your main pawn with a slight increase in encumbrance capacity, approximately 0.15 kg. While seemingly minimal at first glance, this incremental advantage compounds with each beetle found, subtly enhancing your ability to carry additional items and manage the finer aspects of inventory control.

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Strategic Significance of Carry Weight

The concept of encumbrance in Dragon’s Dogma 2 extends beyond mere inventory space; it directly influences crucial aspects of gameplay, such as climbing speed, stamina regeneration, and overall movement. With each beetle collected, the thresholds for weight classifications (ranging from very light to very heavy) adjust, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency in your travels and during combat.

How to Find Golden Trove Beetles

The hunt for Golden Trove Beetles is a game of keen observation and exploration. While these collectibles are generously spread across the game’s vast landscape, their propensity for blending into their surroundings makes them challenging to spot. Here are some strategies to enhance your beetle-hunting endeavors:

  • Pawns: Partying up with pawns familiar with your current locale can significantly improve your chances of discovering Golden Trove Beetles. These knowledgeable companions can detect points of interest, including potential beetle locations, and alert you through verbal cues and map markers. Recruiting support pawns with prior knowledge of Golden Trove Beetle locations from other players’ worlds can provide direct leads to these collectibles. Heeding their hints and following their lead can guide you to previously undiscovered beetles.
  • Nocturnal Expeditions: Golden Trove Beetles possess a luminescent quality that makes them considerably easier to spot under the veil of night. Their golden glow stands out against the darkness, revealing their presence amidst the landscape’s natural camouflages.
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Golden Trove Beetles in Dragon’s Dogma 2 embody the intricate balance between exploration, strategy, and resource management that the game fosters. While the task of collecting these beetles may seem daunting, the cumulative benefits they offer make the endeavor worthwhile. With patience, keen observation, and the assistance of well-informed pawns, uncovering these hidden treasures will not only enrich your inventory but also enhance your journey through the game’s captivating world.

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