The Heel of History Guide

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Sometimes we all just need a good ol’ history lesson.

Key Takeaways

  • Start “The Heel of History” by helping Kendrick in Vernworth’s slums.
  • Question locals about Malcolm’s whereabouts to begin the search.
  • Explore the vaults, find Malcolm, and get rewarded with a Panacea and gold.

To start “The Heel of History” side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will need to go to the slums in Vernworth. There is a man named Kendrick seeking some assistance.

Kendrick’s Dilemma

Kendrick will be outside the Gracious Hand and will be asking for assistance in the form of food and coin for the orphanage. You must donate one food item and 1,000 gold to him in order to start the quest. Once you do so, he will inform you about a missing child that they care for at the Gracious Hand. The next step in the quest is to question nearby folks who might know where Malcolm had gone off to.

The Search for Malcolm

Ask around the surrounding area of the Gracious Hand to see if anyone has seen or heard from Malcolm. The adults won’t have much to say about the quest in general, but the children scattered around the area will give you some information on the matter. There are only three kids in the area that you need to speak with. You will soon learn that Malcolm had gone off to some “vaults” to explore. Now just go on back to Kendrick and share this information. After learning where Malcolm had gone off to, he will ask you to briefly follow him.

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The Vaults

After you speak with Kendrick, the vaults will open up for exploration. You’ll end up going down further to look for Malcolm and make sure he’s okay. There isn’t going to be all that much to explore down here, but feel free to look around if you’d like to. There are some consumables and 850 gold stashed around, so it’s not a bad thing to explore for a couple of minutes.

The first thing you will see when entering is a gap that almost looks too far to jump over. You can actually make the jump and this is the area in which you will end up meeting with Malcolm. Kendrick and Malcolm do end up needing you to follow them, as Malcolm did end up making a discovery whilst he was dungeon diving. You’ll be guided through the vault until you reach the lost archive. There will be some brief dialogue before the quest ends.

Quest Rewards

You will receive a Panacea and 3,000 gold as a reward for your help with finding Malcolm and the lost archive.

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